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Feedback on Low Test Numbers & Symptoms (23 Y/O)

These are the numbers from my most recent blood test. I have low t symptoms such as brain fog, depression, low energy, negative mindset, no morning wood, jumpy, stressed, ED, the works. I can’t focus at all at work and the days seem to rollllll on by. This has been going on for the past 6 months and I’m becoming desperate at this point.

I’ve doctor shopped the past month and finally found a doctor who seems to know his stuff. He started me on HCG mono (400 IU EOD). I have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms, but not yet enough to see an improvement in symptoms. I trialed both TRT (Androgel 1%) and clomid with past docs - I only responded well to TRT. I would like to get some feedback as I continue this journey.

Finally, has anyone used TRT at all for the mental benefits?

Current meds - D, B12, ashwaghanda

Possible causes - SSRI use during adolescene (8 years), concussion when I was 19

TT (2.80-8.00 ng/mL) - 4.61

SHGB (17-56 nmol/L) - 25

Free T (47-244 pg/mL) - 99

Testosterone (%) - 2.1

Estradiol - 17 pg/mL

FSH - 5 mlU/mL

Prolactin - 11.8 ng/mL

LH - 6.3 mIU/mL

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You took SSRI’s when you were just 11? Jesus. You should have PSSD man.

Don’t know that those two statements belong together. These numbers you posted are from before starting, after Clomid, after HCG? They don’t look terrible

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those are natural numbers. Pre-HCG and 6 weeks post-clomid. He wants to at least see if HCG improves symptoms or changes levels before starting me on T. I was pushing T pretty hard when I first saw him.

HCG monotherapy isn’t very effective in most cases, also HCG isn’t a very good troubleshooting tool just to see if your symptom improve with higher numbers.

The reason why your doctor prescribed HCG instead of TRT is do to your age, if you were in your 40s, TRT would have been prescribed right off the bat.

I have the same symptoms as you and I’m 21 years old. My testosterone is 700 though, but my free test is the same as yours pretty much. No morning wood and psychologically debilitating ED. Libido is here and there, usually it’s there though. I’m planning to start a 6 month testosterone cycle and if it does help then stay on it indefinitely.
Once you get your regular trt dosage, please keep us updated.

systemlord, what do you think is the minimal requiered free t in ng/dl for one to not have any symptoms of androgen deficiency. Just wanted to know your opinion.

How much shbg do you have ? Same here. Tt 700-800 but high shbg Like 40-55 nmol and have sex issues

Very common. Low testosterone men are often not very happy.

I’ve had 47 last time I measured. I would message you but can’t.