Feedback on Home Gym

I am looking at purchasing the following from New York Barbell and having it shipped to me in Canada. It is a tossup for me between this and the buying the Powertec rack. However, the NYBB bars seem very inexpensive for a 1000 lb rating, the rack is larger, and I love all the attachments you can buy for it.

Here is what I am considering at the moment:

C-8515-W Power Rack $479
Black Power Olympic Bar-7 ft $149
Some cool attachments.

I am asking if anyone has experience with NYBB and these pieces of equipment.

I have that rack and its good. Several 6/700lb squats taken out of it and it held up just fine. Had it for 5 years now.

Thats the exact rack I have. I’ve had it for almost a year now and have nothing bad to say about it.