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Feedback on High Frequency Training?


I've read a couple great threads in the T-Cell Alpha section on high frequency training. I had a couple questions, but can't post in that section. I've read about DC, BBB, Serious Growth (hernon style?), and they all seem to have similar recipes for growth - hit it hard, brief, and often!

So how many fellow t-dawgs have trained this style, either in the past or present? Share your story or recommendations, so those of us can learn from the experienced.

I have been training this way for about 2 weeks, feeling out my own template.


I am in the process of doing BBB, so far I love it. I just started the sixth week yesterday and have gained about 5 or 6 lbs. I've seen generous improvements in my lifts as well. I am impressed by the program, by far, the best one I've done for both strength and size.

As far as tips; I think it is imperative to simply be in a caloric surplus and get plenty of rest when doing the program.


i did the BBB, the 4 day, about a year ago. only got through ramp 1.

overall strength went WAY UP, not really sure how much size i gained bc i fucked up with my diet and got too fat.

also, my shoulders were DONE after 6 weeks. make sure you do the DC shoulder stretch (actually a video got put up in the chest article today if you dont know what it is)


Hey where is the video on the DC shoulder stretch. I have been having a problem


i think this will work... its after the presses. you can also do it with something like a broom stick or a towel.

you dont have to go super-fast either, slow and controlled just making it through the sticking point will do the trick.

i think the general recommendation is start with 25 reps then work your way up from there


other post isnt coming up but its the first video below the "press and stretch" paragraph and starts at 50 seconds in.


I love training high frequency. Currently I don't really do more than 4 exercises in a session and hit all my muscle groups 2 - 3 times a week. Eating, stretching, foam rolling and sleeping are essential for recovering enough, as is sensibly managing rep ranges and exercise selection (or choosing a programme that does it).

But this isn't just theorietical, I'm getting results, since September:

Weight: +5kg (12 lbs)
Bent over row: +20kg (44lbs)
OH Press: +20kg (progress has slowed dramatically now though, so switching things up) (44lbs)
Squat: +40kg (88lbs)
Bench (since October): +20kg (44lbs)
Weighted chins: +15kg (33lbs)
Front squats: +30kg (66lbs)

(weights are approximate so as to give round numbers)

So yeah it seems to work for me. People get great results with lots of things though, so just find what suits you and get to it. Another thing I like about high frequency for me is it fits with my personality and lifestyle quite well, which obviously aids consistency.


i've tried hft training, and it's not for me....I like going to gym with the intention of targeting specific muscle groups...i prefer a standard 5 day split...

i guess it goes against what most are doing, but i think the frequency is fine...

especially if you implement more compounds...for ex...doing close grip bench for triceps or weighted chins for biceps....cleans for trap development on shoulder day...RDL on leg day...stuff liek that


I do the broomstick thing after my 10 min warmup, has helped my shoulders a ton. I will have to try that DC extreme stretch. I'm about 2 weeks into a 6 day BBB/Hernon style routine. Just gonna eat a lot and run with it for 6 months.


a bit confused, by the "6 day BBB/Hernon" are you referring to Serious Growth 3?

also, doing presses before any pulling will help with shoulder health.... fatigued upper back = shitty set up IME


I never read serious growth 3. I read the BBB ebook, and kinda took that 6 day template, with the old hernon style rep scheme of 5/10/15 to failure for each muscle group. I just grabbed info from a couple t-cell threads and went to town.

legs, arms, calves

workout 1
low decline db bench
chinup's (assisted machine for higher reps)
Db shoulder press

workout 2
split squat
romo deadlift
seated calf
straight bar preachers
reverse bench

workout 3
low incline db bench
BB row (underhand grip)
side raise
rear delt row

workout 4
hack squat machine
lying leg curl
standing calf
hammer curls
weighted dips

Thats pretty much it. I chose to just stick to 1 or 2 excercises and do the 3 sets on them instead of 1 set on 3 different movements. We'll see what happens.