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Feedback on Evolutionary Diet

I need some feedback from the experts on this. I’ve always eaten 6 small meals/day bodybuilder style. I’ve taken supplemnts (protien, creatine and glutamine) for about 6 years now. My gains have been good and steady. I had constant energy levels, not bursting with energy but constant. My overall health I thought was exceptional. I never had trouble getting psyched for a workout.

Then I stumbled upon the Evolutionary diet. I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. I was scared as hell to quick my post-workout nutrition and constant protien feedings. I thought at best I’d maintain or lose a little muscle, but I just needed a break from the constant never miss a meal drudgery of the past 6 years. So I went for it and what happened blew my mind!!

I workout in the morning and don’t take any food in until noon, 4 hours post-workout. Then I usually eat 4 eggs, 3 sausages, a cup of cottage cheese, a cup of berries, an apple, and half a plate of spinach. Then around 7 o’clock at night I eat 1/2 a plate of chickn or beef, spinach, cottage cheese, an orange and about 10 tblsp’s of natural PB mixed with blueberries. That’s it.

After the first 4 days, my appetite went to zero! I only ate when I was supposed to and never felt hungy. My energy went throught the roof!! Not just constant but bouncing off the walls. My strength increased every workout considerably. My bodyfat dropped from about 12% to 8% with only a 4 pound difference on the scales.

But my favorite part of all was the workouts. I don’t have to get psyched for workouts, I get butterflies now hours before I hit the weights in excited anticipation. I don’t sit or sip water between sets anymore, I pace back and forth like a caged animal, just counting the seconds before my next set. I even get mad at the weights and talk to them “250!! What the f*#! do you think you got on me!! I’m gonna through you over my head like the bitch you are 250!!!” Luckily I workout at home! LOL I feel like a serious stereotypical juice head when I workout now but I’ve never done steroids so I don’t know for sure.


  1. Why does this work for me this freaking good? Am I a low carb person? Are my T levels and growth hormones really through the roof like Dr. DeVany claims?

  2. Am I short changing myself by not having high carb days or should I say f#$* it, this works for me, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

Thanks in advance for any replies!