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Feedback on Deadlift of 4inch Podium Technique


Hey folks,

it would be nice, if you could give me a feedback on my deadlift of four inch podium technique.


was the last set of three reps with 225 pounds.

I know that I have to correct my neck position.

Thanks alot!


Your neck position looks painful. Your ass is almost higher than your shoulders which is really not what you want in a deadlift.


You need your torso more upright. You should be able to draw a straight line from your shoulders, to knees, to front of the feet. What youre doing is more of a Romanian deadlift.

There is no reason for you to be doing deadlifts from a deficit before you master the basic form of a conventional deadlift.

Your ass needs to start much lower. Its throwing the mechanics of the lift off entirely. Theres a certain order that the joints shuold extend it. The extension of the various joints should be more fluid, less "fractured". It should not be knees first, then hips. It should all happen fluidly.

You should not be leaning over, meaning your weight should not be centered over your toes. It should centerd ove the middle of your foot or more towards the heel.

and your head/neck should be neutral for all lifts. No reason to look up by moving your head.