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Feedback on Current Training Plan

I’m pretty new to the forums, but I’ve been reading T Nation articles religiously for several months now. I would appreciate some feedback on my current training plan; here’s some background info.

I’m 23 years old, 5’11”, and 173lbs now at roughly 12-14% body fat. I started lifting back in February of this year. At that time I was around 160lbs, and 14-15% body fat. So I’ve made some decent newbie gains despite some less than ideal routines.

Around two months ago I read a T Nation article that basically said “if you can’t bench 225 for reps, then you should be doing a full body routine”. Thus my search a good full body routine started. I finally landed on Leroy Colbert’s 6 sets per muscle group routine. I train MWF and have different exercises for all 3 days, as recommended. I usually always stay in the “hypertrophy range” of 8-12 reps. I’ve been doing the routine for going on 6 weeks now. I enjoy it, but wonder if it’s the best option? It’s a very intense routine, and I’m usually dead by the end of it. I just want to make sure I make the most of my newb gains.

All feedback and recommendations are appreciated.


Yeah I looked it up, …42 work sets really not necessary for a beginner. Move on to a different template -Waterbury is the go-to guy for full body This is a good start…

Yeah, I kinda thought it might be a little much. Thank you for the feedback. I’ll check out that article.

I apologize for my ignorance, but I am a little confused about the template in the above article. So there’s 5 big muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, quads, lower back/hams. Each workout is supposed to consist of 4 big muscle group lifts and 2 isolation exercises. That means that one big muscle group is left out each time, right? I assume I am supposed to cycle them in/out? I really hate to not hit all the groups 3 times a week. Also, according to the article, am I supposed to have different exercises for MWF and switch them out every 2 weeks?

Nope. Go back and read the article again. Waterbury actually says “Dont miss out any major muscle groups”
You do 6 lifts/moves: So can easily cover the 5 groups mentioned. He just mentions minimum 4 compound moves for those who want to do a bit of bro-isolation work.

keep the same moves for each workout for 2 weeks then change.

Got it. Thank you for clearing that up for me.