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Feedback on Carbolin 19


I am quite interested in Carbolin 19. i remember reading the original T-Nation article about it and was interested right up until it said gaining lbs of muscle gradually spread throughout a year. at that point i was like ok, i can do that myself. however, the new article put the supp back on my radar...and i read every little thing i could find on it here on T-Nation.

Yes, i know how to use the search feature, and i did it, and read a shitload. i even went back through the 27 page original post on the stuff.

having said that, i am curious if anyone has used Carbolin 19 that hasnt posted anything about it before, or perhaps someone that had used Carbolin 19, that has already posted, that maybe has some follow-up info.


I am about halfway into my second bottle of Carbolin 19. It is helping me with fat loss. I have 2 more bottles ordered, if that tells you anything. I am planning on taking it year round. Every thing I have researched is good.



if you dont mind saying, have you taken any steroids/pro-hormones before?

i ask that because i read some people that said they had never taken anything like that saying that they feel like they are on something very powerful and not natural.

but more importantly, are you experiencing the body comp shift? you said you are losing fat, but is your bodyweight dropping, or are you gaining LBM at the same time, therefore shifting composition while maintaining relatively same bodyweight?

if this supp did that i would be ecstatic and would have to buy some. i dont recall a whole lot of people saying they were getting bigger, but i do recall people saying their weight was constant yet they were losing fat nicely...wouldnt this mean they were getting bigger? perhaps they just were leaving that info as obvious and something that could be filled in?

as im sure you can tell, im very eager to hear as much feedback as possible, so please if you have the time, go into as much detail as you can in response to my Q. thank you very much

btw, in case i wasnt clear...im 5'9" 202lbs ~14%bf...was bulking from 174lbs 12% in oct, bulk has slowed and basically stopped. i intended on being 200-205lbs and around 8% bf by june and maintain that til aug 1 and then bulk again. now, for me to be 200 @ 8%, i would have to lose ~12lbs of fat and gain 12lbs of muscle...and im ignoring water weight loss, for the sake of explanation. so, if i lost 12lbs of fat and gained 12lbs of muscle, id think i would look a hell of a lot bigger...so im curious why people werent saying that. perhaps 12lb exchange is more drastic than the supp would offer. if i could expect even half or a third of that id buy the shit today!


I have never taken any steroid let alone premium supplements before. I was a FFB of 265lbs. I am a month into Carbolin 19(max dose) I only train following Waterbury programs and my diet is a bulk carb cycle(3900kcal). I have gone from 180lbs to 182 while on Carbolin 19 ,,,,BUT,,,, I can see by my pics and videos (not to mention feeling like an animal in and out of the gym) that my body comp is indeed changing into someting that I once thought would not happen.

I also take Alpha Male and Methoxy-7

I would say give it a try...


If you do give it a try, be sure to post a forum "article" on it. Include before/after pics, weight and numbers.


A slightly random question...

given that there is only 20mg of active ingredients per capsule, are the capsules much smaller than other Biotest supps?


No. There is no correlation between the strength of a supplement and its capsule/tablet size. There are fillers and other ingredients which add to the size of the tab or the delivery mechanism of the supplement.


i started taking Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male at the same time in August and within the first couple months i noticed quite a noticable difference in size. i actually got stretch marks on my arms and legs. i did, however, end up eating much more since i started taking Carbolin 19, which may have contributed to the size gain. but i definitely feel alot more pumped up and stronger when i was taking it. i cant wait to get my 3 month cycle going again in feb :slightly_smiling: definitely worth a shot, and of course if youre not happy with it, hell get your money back.


Good point plus you have to remember the varied density/weight of different substances. like the old pound of brick pound of feathers analogy.


I like the stuff. It takes a while to see results but they come. I feel that it leans more toward the fat loss side of the equation.


I thought you couldn't use Methoxy-7 in this mix...and if you can should you? I mean isn't Carbolin 19 enough with Alpha Male??


There's no reason why Carbolin 19 can't be used with Methoxy-7.