Feedback on Building the Monolith

Hi guys,

Just want to share some of my experience on building the monolith with you guys. First of all, I have to admit that I did not listen to Jim. I ran back to back to back program with 7th week protocol. But to redeem myself, I did watch my TM very carefully. I set 85% or lower as my TM, and every 7th week, I do the “test 5 rep” to decide the TM for the next cycle. I am benefited the most from squat. Finished 410 lb 5x5 without struggles. Deadlift is stalled/failed at 400lb 5X3, but I am ok with that since this is kinda the PR. overhead is climbing up slowly, but I do get some rep PR. I also do some plyometric jumps and box jumps, I am happy with the 48" box jump. I am gaining some weights since my pants are getting tighter and I do look a little fat in the mirror.

My question is since my DL is stalled and OP is almost stalled but squat is still going up. For my next cycle, should I reset TM for all the lifts or just DL & OP? I plan to go 2 cycles back.


Each and every program you do has an exact TM. You already know exactly what to do - you already stated it. So just do that.

You don’t keep increasing your TM until you miss - the right TM for the correct program.

Thanks Jim.

And also I want to know if overhead press improves very slow is normal. I have cut down the increment to 2.5lb from 5 lb. However it seems stalled almost. I am a little frustrated but not so much.

No lift increases infinitely - and yes, generally the press and bench press usually have a harder time. THAT is why we use the correct TM for the program. You simply use the 7 Week Protocol and keep pushing in new ways.

The 7th Week Protocol is literally dummy proof and will ensure no one ever uses the wrong TM again. So use it and attack.

oh yea, definitely worth being a dummy to test the right TM. will keep learning and pushing hard.