Feedback on Blood Test Results

Hello again, I have been on TRT for 4(?) months and just got blood tests back.
Currently prescribed 100mg test cyp injecting twice weekly.
Age 57
197 lb (+5 from when I started)
BF 11% (-3 from when I started)
Total test 1335 ng/dL
Free test 353.2 pg/mL
Estradiol 42 pg/mL

If I’m reading this right, my ttl. T is about 230 ng/dL over but I’m not complaining as I feel great. How do I explain this to my doc so she doesn’t decrease it? I waited 2 days after injecting before giving the sample. Also, the stickies say I should be around 20 on my e2. My doctor wouldn’t prescribe an AI so I ordered my own anastrozole on the sticky notes advice, but stopped a week before my bloodtest so I could try to get her to see that I needed an AI. Hell, it was hard to get her to even request it, but she is learning!

Im curious about what you guys think.

Any particular thing I said that has kept anyone from responding?