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Feedback on Ass to Grass Form (Video Included)


So lately I've been experiencing some slight pain in my knee caps, and as a result, I wanted to get some feedback on my ass to grass squat form, I have been taking videos of my form and I was looking to find out what exactly I may be doing wrong. I talked to a trainer at my gym ( I go to crunch fitness) and after showing him the videos, he notice that my right knee ( in video 1 and 2) is slightly protruding in, which could have something to do with a lack of ankle mobility.

I also don't really get when they say to "generate torque" when squatting, I know what torque is, I'm just unable to visualize the actual motion. But back to the ankle, this makes sense since I sprained my ankle several months ago and it could be the cause of my possible pain, but I want to see what other things anyone else in this forum could point out of my form: I have attached the videos below:



be as critical as possible. Any criticism is appreciated!


Your knees are collapsing in.
A side view would help.
YouTube is better than photobucket for most folks on phones.


Your stance is quite wide, you might benefit from bringing you feet in a bit. The best way I’ve found to find a good squat stance just sit down in a full squat position, without weight, and play around with your foot position until you find what is most comfortable. It’ll probably be narrower than you’re squatting now.

To ‘generate torque’ stand with your feet planted and try to twist your feet out using just your glutes. Do that all the way through your squat.