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Feedback on 1st Steroid Cycle?

im 20 yo , managed to get my gear , this is my first ever cycle, i am on week 2 and i would really appreciate some feedback!
Cycle = 10 weeks
Week 1 to 3
250 deca
250 test c
30mg dbol
Week 3 to 4
250 deca
250 test c
40mg dbol
Weak 5 - 6
250 deca
250 test c
no orals
Weak 6-10
Test c 250
deca 250
25 mg Winstrolol
My stats are
Weight : 145,5 pounds with almost 13% body fat
For PCT i will be followed by my doctor with regular blood tests and everything so no worries about that…
Thank you in advance!

JFC. You’re 20 and you’re running a cycle with FOUR different drugs. Four. You’re 145lbs, so unless you’re 5’4" you’re basically in DYEL territory. What does it mean that your PCT will be “followed by my doctor”?

Dude you’re 145 pounds… You need food and training, not drugs.

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@iron_yuppie i am 5’7" i workout very hard for over a year now that’s why i didn’t achieve much progress, i workout 2 a day :
Day 1 Shoulders and arms
Day 2 chest and back --> afternoon: legs
Day 3 repeat
I follow the 1g of protein per pound protocol
And i live in France so basically baguette with every meal for carbs…
Here if be honest with your doc they will always help you “harm your way in the safest way possible” whether its drugs or steroids or alcohol… So my doc will help me with all the side effects and possible liver damage!
@moosejuice0311 but i do! :frowning:

You’re not eating enough.
You’re too young to consider a cycle even if it’s going to be ‘supported’ by your doc.
You’re not eating enough.


A “baguette with every meal for carbs” does not necessarily mean that you are eating enough…

Thank you all for the feed back ! I will work harder on my diet, anything else i should worry about?

Yes. You should worry about what kind of environment you’re in that made you think about running a complicated cycle at such a young age. You didn’t just come up with it out of nowhere. Something(s) in your life made you believe that it was a good idea. You will want to purge those things from your life for about another five years or so. Remove the temptation and it’ll be easier to focus on your diet and your training. Best of luck to you, young man.

@yubs i realized that i am too young for it kind of late… I am already on week 2…

What AI are you using? What’s the dosage?

It’s never too late to correct for a bad decision. You COULD stop right now, have bloods drawn, and plan a proper PCT before it REALLY become too late.

You have all the resources here at your disposal to learn about proper training and diet before making this jump. I would suggest using them.

yea… you should stop now. like zero more shots. end your idiocy.


Those are actually similar to my stats, 140-145 lbs but I am actually 5,4 :frowning:

See that’s a decent size for a guy who’s 5’4". I was 145 (and 5’7") at one point, but it was when I didn’t lift and did tons of cardio.

Post pictures to give us an idea about your physique