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Feedback Needed on Sustanon/EQ/Tren A Cycle

I am about to start my third cycle for a lean gain and wanted to know what do you think about the below cycle.

I am thinking of running a 12 or 16-week cycle starting with Sustanon and EQ first and adding Tren A from the third week.

Sustonan 250 - 500mg/week - week 1-12
EQ - 400 mg/week - week 1-12
Tren A - 50mg/EOD - week 3-12
Arimidex: 0.5mg EOD - week 1-12
And PCT 2 weeks after the last injection

Weight: 194lbs
Height: 5’11"
Body Fat: 15%

Thanks in advance,

If it were me I would drop the EQ, lower the AI to .25mg 2x per week, and start PCT 3 weeks after last injection.

Tren Ace needs to be shot everyday.