Feedback, Areas of Improvement?

Long time reader of T-Nation, but my first post. I was hoping to get some feedback from you all on what my biggest areas of need are. In the middle of a cut- trying to get to ~7% BF. Lost about 12 lbs the past month and a half

Your physique looks pretty well balanced, although you haven’t given us the greatest shots to work with.

Are you just interested in your aesthetics, or do you compete in something? And if all you care about is how you look, then why are you working towards a bodyfat level that will likely not be sustainable, particularly if you intend to put on more muscle?

only thing im competing in is life. Aka i just want to look good. Reasons i want to get down that low is to be able to more clearly see what I look like at that level and to prove to myself that I can(For about 3 years I hovered around the 14-16% range). @flipcollar what poses would you like to see to better showcase overall muscularity? I’ve never done any serious pose work so they would all be pretty shoddy but I can at least give it a look

eh. if you’re not competing in anything, and the only thing you care about is looking good, these shots are fine. But if you do decide to take more pictures, either stand farther away from the mirror, or get someone else to take the pictures. The latter is better.

And I can’t argue with personal goals. If getting that lean is just something you want to do, it works for me. Congrats on the fat loss to this point. Definitely on the right track.

Like I said, you look pretty well balanced. For just general aesthetic purposes, I would hit your delts as hard as possible. Make them a real priority in training. To me, nothing looks better than cannon ball delts. They help to promote that V-shape aesthetic, big delts can make your waist look smaller. All kinds of good things. Your back thickness is also lacking. I don’t know if you’re incorporating any heavy work in your training, but if not, I would at least throw some in for time to time. Nothing builds back thickness like deadlifts in my opinion.