Feedback After Last Labs

I recently got my last set of full labs back after a 13 week treatment Rx from Defy Medical where I have been working with Dr. Justin Saya out of Tampa. My original labs from Jan 6 I had:

T levels of 160 total and 2.9 free
Estradiol levels of 9.9
Cholesterol levels 305 total (110 HDL, 185LDL, VLDL 20)
AST 45
ALT 50
PSA .4

After 200mg/wk T cyp and 1000IU/week HCG, my new labs show:

T levels of 1414 total and 33 free
Estradiol levels of 102
Cholesterol levels 314 total (114 HDL, 189LDL, VLDL 16)
AST 100
ALT 72
PSA .5

I also had a Dunk tank test done Jan 4th and then the day I did my most recent labs. Results show:

Went 195-204
Dropped 1 pound fat weight
Gained 15lb lean muscle weight
Went from 14.8% to 10.3% bodyfat

Subjectively speaking…libido went through the roof by week 5ish, strength went up like mad by the week in all 3 major lifts I track weekly. Soreness become less long lasting. Day to day vigor improved big time by week 4ish. Appetite got stronger by week 7ish.

Overall I am very happy with this but I am a little concerned with the lab markers change in liver enzymes, cholesterol being so high and the huge jump in estradiol.

Is this something I need to be alarmed about right now? I will speak with Justin over the phone on Tuesday next week to review this but I am just eager to hear what you guys might have to say while I wait for that.

I would be concerned about E2 and cholesterol for sure as well as your ast,alt.

Some ranges to go with your numbers would certainly help. Usually ideal e2#'s are in the 20-30’s

E2 is way too high. Cut your T dose in half and split into two weekly injections. Retest after three or four weeks and see if E2 still needs to be addressed.

You need to post lab ranges because the numbers are meaningless without them. :slight_smile: You should be testing Complete Blood Count (CBC) also. Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, and Red blood cell (RBC) count, etc… With that dosage of test and HCG you may end up running into elevated Hematocrit levels. I know i did at 200mg of test a week and 250 iu eod. How often do you inject and how long after you injected did you have your blood taken? What else are you taking besides test?