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Feed the Starving for Free!

I don’t know if you’ve seen this before but if you go to the following websites you can donate food to the starving for free by just clicking on the links.

It would be a great idea to set the websites as your homepage so you can donate every day.

The websites are…




Here’s some further information from one of the links…

Q. How does Stop The Hunger! work?
A. When you click the button on our home page, our web server adds your donation to today’s donation count. Our sponsors have pledged to make the donation on your behalf. Please note that we can only accept one donation per computer, per day; you can donate every day, however.

Q. When I click on the “Press This Button To Feed Someone For Free” button, does it cost me anything?
A. There is absolutely no charge for your donation; our sponsors generously pay for your food donation, in exchange for advertising on the donation page. You pay nothing, ever.

Q. How much do sponsors actually give?
A. Each sponsor pledges to give 1/4 cent per donation. If there are 12 sponsors on the donation page, one donation equals 3 cents, which equals roughly one pound of food (as distributed by America’s Second Harvest).

Q. Where does the money go?
A. For every 100 donations, our sponsors will pay 35 cents, which is distributed as follows:

America’s Second Harvest 25 cents
fees paid to Media 67 for acquiring sponsors 7 cents
used to fund and promote the service 3 cents
total 35 cents

I’ll give this a bump. I’m sure others wont mind as it’s for a good cause.