Feed a cold . . . ?

So I’ve been dieting and trying to cut up for the past 4 weeks or so, with 3 weeks to go until V-Day (vacation in the Caribbean). I’ve been eating a relatively low-carb diet, but not SUPER-low (not ketogenic or anything), keeping my protein intake high, doing a little cardio three times a week, etc. I’m also taking the original version of MD6 (with norephedrine) and the original T2 (NOT T2-Pro). However, as of yesterday, I came down with a NASTY cold. The kind where I not only have a sore throat, stuffed up nose, etc., but I just have an overall feeling of weakness/tiredness. The guy with whom I share an office had it right before me, and it looks like the bastard infected me. My question is, is it true what they say, that you should feed a cold? Should I eat more than I would normally eat during this dieting phase for the couple days during which I feel really sick, in order to preserve muscle mass? I just have such a weak, “wasting” feeling, but it might all just be in my head. What’s the word: continue the diet (AND the taking of MD6 and T2) during the sick days, or eat more and lay off the MD6 and T2 for two or three days? Thanks for your input.

Too bad I couldn’t make you this tea that my mom useto make for me when I was a kid and was coming down with a cold. It’s a Chinese Herbal-like tea (my mom’s Chinese) - and we use it still. BUT, it’s stinky and is blacker and thicker than oil. BUT, it WORKS. I don’t take ANY cold medication whatsoever. THIS stuff is good - if you can handle the taste.

Okay, on to your problem. R and R and food. Don't gorge yourself. But definitely don't be strict on your diet at this point. And Vitamin C.

i don’t remember how to spell it but it’s “echinacea”… a natural herb that helps your immune system… take that with Zinc. my finace works on a horse farm she’s out in the weather every day and swears by this combo. she never gets sick…

Definitely eat more than usual, supplement with echinacea, C, and Zinc. Lay off the thermos too. They will just tax your body even more and stretch out the length of recovery time. Thermos cause your body extra stress and right now all you need to do is rest. So don’t go back on the thermos until you feel better.