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Fedor's Strength Training


Translation by an online buddy of mine...


Nice find, thanks again Xen.


Very cool. Thanks Xen.


Bas preaches te same thing..stick to bodyweigh exercises. I dunno. I can't let go of the potential that weight training provides. There are MM fighters out there that are in incredible shape with great power and gas tanks that weight train and then there are others that are a little pudgy like Fedor who have all the same qualities.

I think it can come down to genetics and what works best for each individual ultimately.


I think they've just recognized that although weight training can help strength and endurance, it's probably best to just... well, fight.


Yeah true. If you had to choose one certainly weight training comes in last but I think a pro fighter should be able to and will benefit from utilizing weight training effectively. Deadlifts will do a lot for any fighter IMO.


It's very individual. It's finding the right balance between training technique and 'brute' strength. Fact of the matter is, MMA is much more like ballet than it is a 'strength' sport. It's primarily technique based, though a lot of technique can be tossed to the wind in the presence of EXTREME brute power but the best is to have a balance of both.

Why is Fedor's technique so good? Cause that's all he spends time working on.

Think long term.

If you only have say... 4 hours of which to train per day, lets say you spend 1 of that lifting, another 1 doing conditioning, and 3 working on technique.

Over a year 300+ hrs of lifting...

Or it could be 300+ hrs spent sparring, hitting pads, etc.

that 300hrs is a HUGE deficit...

that said...depends how you're training. I'm sure you've all seen the video of fedor swinging the sledgehammer, using kettlebells, etc... Fedor technically is still "weight training" it's just strongman style kinda.

Imo, previously when he was lifting (if you've seen him with the pics of "mass gainer 1000" he was probably lifting a lot more like a bodybuilder.

If he was focused more on relative strength which would involve bodyweight progressions before using weighted movements then maybe his view pt would be different. Obviously no offense to fedor but a 375lb bench isn't that much for a guy who was probably around 230-240 at the time, that's just 1.5x bodyweight...and that's a pretty shitty squat...especially a 1rm.

Anyway that's all conjecture because we know what he HAS done in the sport using his method and it makes sense. While I think weights can be used in a smart way to enhance athletic prowess and perhaps make up for areas that you're weaker in... obviously the #1 thing you need to be worried about is your technique.

Drill, drill, and then drill...


great post thanks xen


Much appreciated xen


I, too, agree that it is an individual thing. I think it depends largely on your personal weaknesses/strengths and fighting style. I, for example, have never had good lower body strength or explosiveness. Therefore I spend time in the gym squatting, deadlifting and cleaning heavy to build that because I feel that is a limiting factor for me. Fedor does not have that problem.

He is blessed with very good mobility and quickness especially for a heavyweight. I feel like I have good upper body pressing strength, so while I do speed bench to develop power, I rarely go too heavy here. No real reason for that increased volume. Instead I do lots of pushups and such work to improve endurance. I think it's more about recognizing your weaknesses and improving than hard-fast "rules". Good find Xen


I don't know man, a 1.5x bodyweight bench is pretty good, especially for someone who's priorities lie elsewhere.With that, I get what you're saying.


Nice and simple methodology. Solid info Xen, thanks bro!


I see what your saying. But usually the argument of weight training vs. not weight training is assuming unlimited amounts of training time. And purely hypothetically for the sake of argument...if one has limited time recources...train technique, but if you've got room for more...by all means...add it in. Would you agree?


Just like bodybuilding, I don't think its wise to take seriously what elite competitors do.

I don't think any type of training is going to give you Fedor's hips and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Heck his own brother is not in his league athletically.

Interesting to read though.


That could be argued. But I will say that Aleksander is not in the same league mentally,IMO.


I think it depends on the fighter, do you think Lesnar or Sherk would be as good if they werent strong and muscular.




So true.

From the data we have, however, it's fair to assume he spend a whole less time training.
It's also only reasonable to assume that unlike Fedor he's one big asshole.


Isn't he in the Russian mob? Say what you want, but that means he's a way brutal motherfucker than Fedor could ever be.


The more Tyson started to resemble a brutal motherfucker, the worse a fighter he became.