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Fedor's Most Recent Fight *Spoiler*


Fedor wins by armbar 1:54 of the first round.


People aren't giving Fedor enough credit for beating that guy. He was like a Korean wrestling champion, and his sheer size made his standup dangerous. People are calling it a freak show fight when Choi would have beaten 90% of all UFC heavyweights, at least.


If you ask me, Fedor looked to be gettin' man handled for a while. If Choi gets a ground game he's gonna be bad news for any HW.



He was a sumo champion, which is about worthless. Choi had one MMA fight against a 185 pound TV entertainer, and you are talking about him beating most heavyweights. You are really reaching here to glorify Fedor for stuffing a big ass can.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ssirum He was a SSirum champ. Much more useless.


I don't know about that. Choi would beat a lot of MMA HW if they tried to stand with him. The guy is huge and has crazy reach. His arm is about the size of Fedor's whole body. Fedor looked like a doll on the first armbar attempt being swung from side to side.

Fedor didn't waste any time taking it to the ground and looked to finish it quick. Though I have to say he looked smaller than I remember him. He looks to have lost some muscle mass. Hard to tell for sure from YouTube. Either way, hopefully now something can be set up with Randy, or someone worth a crap.


I would love to see GSP against Lidell, but I dont' think they are the same weight class (right?).

Choi is a beast. And in contact sports, where weight classes can be divided at 5-7 pound increments, that weight differential between him and Fedor is no joke - skill aside, it's still a very real variable.


Definitely a dangerous opponent based on his sheer size, kickboxing skills and kickboxing experience. Fedor deserves credit for the win but please god let him fight Randy or any other top heavyweight!


http://youtube.com/watch?v=HxMNs39ld88 here is the fight for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. pretty boring fight overall, maybe fedor can get some real fights soon.


Can we Merged this with the rest of the Yarennoka! event?

Has anybody seen the Misaki vs. Akiyama fight? Misaki,what a dick! People are talking about that last kicked the finshed off Akiyama because it seemed as though it was illegal. Speaking of that fight it protrayed Japanese Nationalism at its finest.


Thanks for the link to the fight. I had it on the tv and then got carried away on here. Dammit Jim!!!! I missed the fight. I went back in the other room and they were already raising Fedor's hand. I just wanted to see if that big dude (Choi?) had any skill. Because if he does look out. But it's obvious he doesn't bring a whole lot to the ring.


Did anyone else think Van Damn wanted to make out with Fedor at the end there? That dude is a whacko.


Yeah, the Van Damn oogling was way more than a little bizzare.


How big is the guy Fedor fought? He made him llok little, and that takes some doin".


The size differential made it look like a fight scene from James Bond in the 70's.




The way Van Damme tilts his head to the side and throws a wink was worse than anything Choi hit Fedor with.


I thought you guys were exaggerating at first. Now, looking at it again, I'm scared for Fedor.


This is the funniest thing I've seen the whole year.


He forgot to say "no homo".