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So with Anderson Silva and Jon Jones out of the picture through their own mistakes and GSP retired what’s the odds that after a few warm-up fights Fedor finally comes to the UFC and fights in its glamour division of light heavy and fits the role of savior to its PR image?

Maybe he can hold up, but my hopes are low. He was pretty much on a decline from 2008 onwards (not on record per se, but also stylistically, more swinging, less slick tricks). He didn’t take a pro fight in years.
And last but not least, he fought against the zulinhos, colemans, HCM’s and Sylvia’s of this world. Not bad fighters, I wouldn’t want a pub brawl with any of them, but prehistoric beast against the current HW cream of the crop.
I don’t see fedor winning from miocic, cain or werdum. And he would have a hard time against new born arlovski, new born Hunt and Browne (if he doesn’t think he is mayweathers white son).

I pray fedor will keep retired, I don’t want to see his legacy harmed.

O wait! LHW! Ready comprehension sucks lol.

Cormier: nah
jonhson: nah
texeira: maybe

Think the LHW is at his best in years at the moment (too bad for JBJ). Don’t think fedor can wreak too much havoc in a division that’s 200 years evolution further then most most guys fedor fought.

Still love him, and wish him nothing but the best. Just don’t wanna see him or his legacy get severely harmed

well I think a weight drop would be a career renaissance. his cardio would be up from the fat lose, he would be faster and fighting guys that are more his size and power compared to heavyweight

while he does have a lot of cans on his record he also as a lot of top heavyweights in there prime on his resume. For every 1 sideshow he has 2-3 wins over the Cro-cops, big Nog, Randleman, Coleman…etc. the 3 losses he had to Werdum, Silva, and Henderson the only one where he looked completely overmatched was the big foot fight. a drop would give him the best and fastest chance to relevancy again.

he had, and probably has, power in abundance, no diggity. Cardio might be on edge…he is getting pretty old, although younger then cormier I recall. Also, I don’t know what he was up to last 3 years, so couldn’t gauge his cardio. His speed is, just by feel, not freak level. He got older, and most guys he was blistering all over weren’t what you call top athletes.

Besides that, physicality isn’t my main concern. Coleman and Nog weren’t cans at all, but the sport has changed. Coleman wasn’t mixing things up a bit, and Nog’s skills aren’t that impressive anymore in this era. We are going through a high speed evolution and the technical standards for most (non-HW) journeyman at this day, is greater then displayed in the first 50 ufc cards. It sucks…but I doubt an old legend can hold up against this days competition.

Nobody managed to run a mile under 5 min, till one guy did, and now it isn’t a freak who does that anymore.
Archimedes was a pioneer and a genius, no doubt, but alot of what he discovered, is now taught to 14 year olds.

The around level keeps increasing, and I doubt fedor held up.
He was the best in 2005, and he will always be that. He probably just won’t be the best in 2015 anymore.

if im not mistaken he’s also 2-3 years youner than A. Silva without the damage taken over the course of his career. If he has trained at any level he can old his own in either heavy or light heavy. The major question is IF the fedor of old shows or the one who fell in love with his right hand that fought Brett Rogers?

He lost to Dan Henderson not so long ago, who got absolutely manhandled by Cormier; I don’t see a fight with him and Cormier going much differently. I think he would have a shot against Anthony Johnson or Glover stylistically, but would still not think he would be a clear favorite in that fight. I think Gus would probably beat him, but Fedor would have a puncher’s chance.

Henderson that beat Fedor is dead his test. levels have to be substantially lower off of TRT and we saw him shrink up to the middleweight division where he should have always been at. I just think if fedor came in shape and didn’t fall in love with his winging right hand he can beat any light heavyweight in the world. Plus at most he would only have to have at most 2 fights before they threw him into a title shot just for the PPV buys his name would bring

Man, I like to see fedor tear up the LHW division as much as you, but even IF Fedor doesn’t wing his right, I see his chances as slim.
The level of wrestling, striking and grappling isn’t even comparable too the level of guys fedor fought. I believe he can do some great work in the sub top 5, but above that…

I think people are giving the division too much credit for it’s grappling, the only real grapplers are Rashad if healthy, Cormier is a obvious, and maybe Bader. I’m not so sure with Fedor can’t out grapple Rashad and Bader with his Samba His striking is defiantly better than Teixera, he might not have the power for Johnson, but he would be in the top 5 easily.

This has nothing to do with your conversation, so , I apologize. But since you are talking about Fedor, I think you will find this amusing: Was working out with the Embassy Unit and a really strong and huge guy was leveled with a kick to the thigh. This morning everyone who was there had this in their Email box.

is that from the Jeff Monson fight?

[quote]BigEasy24 wrote:
is that from the Jeff Monson fight?

That is Jeff Monson in the picture. I dont know if it has been photo-shopped or not, I never saw that fight.

Wasn’t much of a fight if I remember correctly a lot of circling with Fedor throwing a few leg kicks and hooks.

Fedor will get demolished in the UFC, he is well passed his prime. He missed his chance money wise when the greedy and controlling Dana White actually offered him a respectable contract (which is rare) back when Lesnar was fighting.

Hahaha I believe I saw Monsons legged got chopped in the fight.

I didn’t really try to make an indept analyzation, but I feel just saying “xyz has beter striking/wrestling/grappling than abc” is pretty useless. I did it myself and it was pretty ignorant. After all styles and plans make fights, not generic terms. Andersons’s striking can be called “next level”, but don’t ask him to take the lead. Fedor has his weaknesses and strengths in every part of the fight, as does everybody. I just hope he knows how to use his strengths, and that his strengths hold up.

I prolly will try to get my newb insights on fedor on here soon. Don’t expect too much of it tho!

true, I guess I kinda throw fedor into the “CULT” status and most people have no idea why

Hahaha who doesn’t turn him into a russian Jesus? We gotta be careful with that, before you know we’re sherdoggin’ al over the place!


This is some Jack Slack (love the guy) stuff on Fedor. I see Jack as the best analyst in the game, but opinions can differ. If you read some of this, you would probably get where I get my ideas from haha.

(Just some ramblings when thinking of fedor, will be flawed)
As Mr. Slack points out in a few newer articles: the counter puncher is vulnerable if he gets alot of feints. And Fedor pretty much did most of his best work in square rings, where it is far easier to corner the other man. And he’s pretty stocky and uses mostly looping (russian) hooks…
I would say a mobile opponent who feints alot and circles a great deal would give him fits. That isn’t what Rumble is at all. Or Teixeira. OSP maybe, if he steps up his game alot. I can see Cormier pulling it off. Or he goes full black fedor.

Well, pretty much we need Dillashaw to eat up to 205!