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Fedor Wins Again -- Link Included


What do you guys think?


He's my favorite Japanese can crusher.


Watching those kicks made me think I had stumbled onto a site showing 'OMG - Schoolyard Beatdowns,,,Yo!!!'


More than Wand? I think I have brain damage from just watching some of his wins.


Thanks for posting. I think it was Schwarzfahrer who remarked in a different thread that it is unfortunate that Fedor is adding to his game, leg kicks, now that there is little chance of him fighting any of the relevant fighters. Still, good to see him do his thing.


Robert A


Fedor looks sooo good fighting easy competition...


I agree. Still, i wouldn't want to fight him.

Part of me hopes he's trying to win his way back for a chance at bettering his game and proving his detractors wrong and coming back to the UFC for revenge.
but the more reasonable part of me thinks he just wants some easy money/easy fights to finish off his career.


I seen that fight, Fedor looked confident and powerful.


He's still good, but times are a changin' and just as so many dominant old school fighters have, he too will fall by the wayside.


If he was serious about a comeback, he'd lose that layer of chub and go down to LHW. He's not serious about a comeback, so he'll continue beating the piss out of newbies, guys on the tail end of a rough career, and blown up Light-Heavyweights.


Well, thats sort of what he was doing before he had his fall from grace. That's what was working for him so if it aint broke....


A lot of hate in here. Holy shit i didn't know all of you were all MMA champs. If you never have been in the ring, than you are just a child talking about shit you don't know a thing about.


Well im not blind and i can watch fights and read records, so i'd say that at least gives me a good foundation to build off of.

OP asked "what do you think?" Didnt know he was only asking current MMA champs.


I've competed in BJJ a bunch of times. Usually do pretty well at no gi intermediate and blue belt.

Been an MMA fan since 05 I think.

I can't have an opinion as a fan?

Stop jockriding Fedor dude.


oooh burn, hahah.

In all seriousness, I understand why he's taking these fights (payday, promoting the sport in Russia, getting back on the winning track). I just don't see him being competitive at this weight anymore.

The way I see it, his problems were a size and strength disadvantage, and his deteriorating physicality exposing technical holes on the feet and (primarily) on the ground. Doesn't seem to be addressing either.


That resume may suffice for the easily impressed, but where is YOUR MMA championship huh?

That's what i thought.


Im sure the physicality of it does have something to do with it, but i think in general the times are beginning to pass him by and he just cant hang with the absolute elites of the sport anymore. Henderson is a MW and look what happened in that fight.....

Could you really see Fedor dropping down to LHW and NOT getting ragdolled by Jones or steamrolled by Shogun?


I think he'd hang with Shogun honestly, given Shogun's own deteriorating physicality and tendency to brawl. I think Machida would beat him, as would Jones and every wrestler with a decent chin. I think Rashad would get caught in a three rounder, and consequently finished, but would dominate in the grappling aspect. Davis would beat him, Bader would lose, Gustafsson would lose, Lil Nog would lose.

So all in all, I think he'd be more competitive. World beater? Probably not. Not in that shark tank. But more competitive than trying to hang with guys that have 20-40lbs of lean muscle, reach and height on him, and are developing games that nullify his own. I just don't see Cain losing to him, or Reem, or Junior, or Barnett. Too big, too skilled at grappling and top control. At LHW one of those problems go away (mostly).

But you have a point. Why move down and be a fringe contender, when you could try to revive yourself in the division you spent your career in.

As a side note: I think the guy would benefit greatly from training with a high level BJJ guy. Fedor and his camp never took the idea seriously though, even when his game from his back started becoming an issue back in 08. Hell, they didn't want to pay Magalhaes to train with him. A case of crazy Russians I guess, hahah.


I still think he can be competitive at HW, he just wont beat any of the heavies you named there. lol

And yeah i think he'd be competitive at LHW, but i couldnt see him beating Machida, Shogun, Jones or Henderson.


i think he has the talent, that he could reinvent himself pull a couture and come back and old man dominate the sport for awhile (not at heavyweight). I don't think he has the desire though. I don't think he wants to learn new things. I could be wrong. To be honest for his body size he should either be a middleweight, or put on a ton of muscle.


Yeah, it doesnt matter if the talents there, you have to be an amazing athletic anomaly to age as well as and retain your athleticism the way Couture did to pull something like that off.