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Fedor vs. Rogers



I really thought this is the one they would have built to. Rogers is probably the most marketable apponent for Fedor and they could have a used a few months to market him. This fight is not all that interesting to me. I would have liked to see Roger get at least one more solid fight.

I also think they should have set up an immediate title shot against Overeem. I wonder why they chose not to?


I really want somebody like brock or carwin or even mir to teach fat-ass-fedor a thing or two about conditioning and swimming in the deep waters. Fedor only wins b/c of power anyway. Any fight over 4 minutes he'll probably lose. A "power" fighter that has a huge gut aint going to last long at all.


Please tell me you are joking.


Mir teach Fedor about conditioning....classic.

Huge gut...classic.

Only wins becuase of power.....classic


the only extraordinary thing that fedor has displayed in the last couple of years is power. I haven't seen anything close to technique since he fought HMC just a few KO punches and GnP. Keep thinking that the tubby guy is so good that he doesn't have to be conditioned when somebody like lesnar or carwin will eat fedor for breakfast.

americans train better than on some jungle gym out in the woods or just doing some hokey kettlebell stuff. Any big wrestler like lesnar or carwin will take a shot. Any decent wrestler will keep fedor from trying to pull some sambo leglock that he hasn't even trained in a couple of years. Leglocks are really innefficient for MMA b/c they are a lot harder to pull off than subs that attack the upper body. Lesnar by bear-rape.


Super Troll


ok, fine, fedor is unbeatable. He'll defy all conventions of biology and be the most unfit champion GOAT, all by doing his bodyweight pullups and kettlebells.



Just ignore the troll and he'll go away.

On to the fight. I hope Rogers is getting good money for this. I'm actually starting to like the guy, and don't like the idea of him getting served up like this. It would be better like you said dhickey, if he had at least one more fight first.

And nothing against Overeem, but he needs to give up that belt. How long has it been since his last fight? Most champions have defeneded their title twice by now. It's just not fair in my opinion.

I'd have definitely felt better about an Overeem/Fedor fight but oh well. . .



This will be an interesting match, I am looking forward to it.

Part of me is thinking fedor will just take this to the ground as fast as possible, but another part of me see's Rogers teeing off on him when he rushes in to do so. I am going to go with Fedor on this one but I don't think it is as one sided as people are making it out to be.


I agree rogers is a tough guy whose real hungry. I see fedor winning but i think rogers is the best heavyweight in strike force so you might as well just hand fedor the belt when he wins.
i like how people think because a guys not shredded he's outta shape.


I don't think there is any reason for Fedor to take it to the ground. Rogers may have heavy hands, but that appear to be it. His striking is probably on par with Silvia's. I see this going the same way as his fight with Silvia....early knockout or knock down followed by a submission.

Unless he strings this one out on purpose, I don't even think he takes any damage. He is going to absolutly pick this guy apart and knock the shit out of him.


Has Rogers ever been to the ground in a fight?


I agree completely on the not so one-sided sentiment. Maybe it's because I haven't really seen Fedor in awhile, or maybe it's that Rogers looks like an animal out there, or both, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers shocks the world. Then again I also wouldn't be surprised if Fedor mops the floor with him. Guess we'll see.


I'm just glad seeing Fedor fight.


Rogers seems like a cool guy and I'm glad for his success thus far, but I hope Fedor wins this. I rather enjoy having a seemingly unbeatable champion in mma. The man is a badass and he's the closest thing we have to a real life superheroe. However, the reality is that you can't count out someone who hits as hard as Rogers. As Rampage would say, "On any given day you got a 50/50 chance of getting yo ass whooped".


Everyone has a punchers chance, and Rogers is exactly that a puncher. IMO, I believe him to be a hyped up bar room brawler with little more than basic boxing skills. Fedor is not unbeatable. More often than not, he just out-classes everyone thats put in front of him. I say, Fedor over Rogers by KO unless Rogers lands a lucky shot and KO's him; which can happen, but is very unlikely.


I'm not sure if we all know the extent of Rogers skills, but if you really believe that a "hyped up bar room brawler" is cleaning up the Strikeforce heavyweight division, what does that say about the other fighters? Also, if Rogers were to land a "lucky shot" and ko Fedor, that would be his 11th consecutive victory by ko. After awhile people gotta stop confusing "luck" with "holy shit, this dude's legit". Actually, they should start doing that now. I don't think he WILL beat Fedor, but I do believe he CAN, and to dismiss Rogers as some brute who just runs in with guns blazing until he's out of ammo is doing a disservice to him and his opponents.


Outside of Arlovski and James Thompson, he hasnt really faced any really good fighters and they arent that great as is. And by good, I base everything PURELY on their record, Arlovski is 15/7, Thompson is 14/10, and John Murphy is like 6/3 or something. Now he's gonna fight Fedor who's 30/1 in MMA with 12 Sambo tournament championships (average 5 fights per tourney).

Disservice to him and his opponents? He hasnt had an opponent near Fedor's caliber. I dont know if you;ve noticed, but stikeforce's HW div isnt exactly stacked with a lot of talent. In fact, they only have 42 fighters total on contract. I'ma have to go ahead and disagree with you here. All things considered, if Fedor walks into the rings his usual self, he should run through Rogers without even breaking a sweat.

Fedor is not unbeatable; no one is. But the likelihood of Rogers beating him is slim and would hinge on a lucky shot.


I'd be shocked if this fight goes longer than three minutes.