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Fedor VS Henderson


Who are you cheering to? Who do you think will come out on top? Will Fedor be the first one to Knock out Hendo? Will Hendo prove he deserves his spot as one of GOAT alongside The Last Emperor?

The biggest fight of the year is coming in June, shortly after Overeem stomps Werdum.


I have great respect for both fighters but I think It’s gonna be Hendo by way of early second round knockout with a big overhand right…


What? Fedor never has been knocked out, he must go for the sub!


Fedor isn’t as good as he used to be. Still a legendary fighter though. Nonetheless, this will be very interesting to see.


This could be an interesting fight. Neither is really a technical striker, both have great chins (though I’d give Hendo the advantage in that regard), both have big power in their hands, both have good takedown defense/grappling once it hits the ground. Fedor is better off of his back though and equally dangerous from the top, Hendo is really only effective from the top.

In theory Fedor should be the larger fighter, and is used to fighting much larger opponents, so he should have the strength advantage. But, he’s not the fighter he was a few years ago and I don’t know if his heart is really still in it, don’t know if he’s still hungry. If he is I think he might bully Hendo around a bit and possibly take the fight to the ground for some epic GnP. This will make for a very long (or very short perhaps) night for Hendo.

If neither fighter can get it to the ground, then I think Hendo might win via TKO or even KO due purely to having an incredible chin and a huge right hand (and pretty good left hook as well).


I would be impressed if Hendo would K.O. Fedor, he got the heart of a lion.


[quote]kaisermetal wrote:
I would be impressed if Hendo would K.O. Fedor, he got the heart of a lion.[/quote]

I would too. I would also be impressed if Fedor KO’d Hendo though, cause he’s got an iron chin. Fedor has at least been rocked in his fight career (albeit by Fujita) Hendo never has.


It’s not the worst matchup for Hendo, although I can’t see him KO Fedor.
His boxing [Fedor’s], while not “technically” stellar, is pretty good and there is not one fight (at least I cannot remember) where he wasn’t the aggressor. And Hendo needs to press forward for most of his arsenal.

What interests me is the clinch and onward. Henderson has a great TDD and is good on top of guys.
I don’t think he wants to stand and trade with Fedor.
He’s got a lot of decision-victories under his belt and will probably want to ride this out on top of Fedor, too.

Fedor will do his thing.
Since I don’t see him finish Hendo quickly, a la Sylvia, I’m very interested how hungry he’ll appear later in the fight.
Hendo is very hard to submit or KO and Fedor often had more trouble with guys lighter then him. He even mentioned this once.

Will be an interesting bout.

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Damn, i’m getting depressed, even Vadim said that if Fedor lose to Hendo he will retire.

I must travel to america in order to see my idol one time at least fighting.


After fedors loss, I hope that it lit a fire under his ass.

If the fedor that domiated pride showed up, he’ll be using his judo and sambo to throw hendo around the ring like a rag doll and make the beatings he gave nogueira and herring look like love taps.

If the fedor that fought bigfoot shows up, he’s gonna land some nice shots and then hendo’s gonna lay and pray for 3 rounds.


Fedor isn’t going to ragdoll shit in this fight. Henderson’s clinch work is way too good, and that’s where Fedor gets his takedowns.


fedor’s striking isn’t necessarily bad its sambo which is completely different from boxing. whether thats a good thing or not i’m not sure. I would just imagine its hard to train for something like that

i doubt this fight could end in a K.O. my call would be if it goes to the ground fedor wins and if it goes to judges thats any ones call.

after this fight win or lose i hope fedor retires. So he can finish some what on top. Not do what chuck liddell did and just became a punching bag for everyone