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Fedor to Face Hong Man Choi



Seems like Fedor will be partaking in the K1 circus this New Year's Eve, his opponent being giant South Korean kickboxer, Hong Man Choi.


The sad thing is, there's probably more money in that than in fighting legitimate opposition. The Asian MMA fans seem to love freak show fights.


The New Years shows aren't really made for the hardcore fans, they are made for casual fans(and people who don't even watch mma). New Years in Japan is the biggest holiday of the year. People go back home and get anywhere from 3-10 days off from work. The tv stations have a captive audience and there is fierce competition for ratings. That is why these freak show matches exist. If the shows were made strickly for fight fans they might get a 10-15% rating compared to a 25% rating if non-fans tune in because some crazy match is gonna be on.
It has to be put into perspective. For example if the UFC was on regular network tv, a match between Randy Couture and Fedor or a match between Randy Couture and... Shaq(insert any celebrity/athlete), which will have more people tuning in?