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Fedor (The Machine) vs. Lesnar


Everybody take it from here.........


Does it really require a prediction...?

I'm almost tired of watching Fedor walk through people. The Arlovski fight was looking to be the best fight I'd seen in a long time till AA got ktfo. I'm not seeing anyone else doing any better for a while.


yeah thats not even worth talking about. Lesnar hasn't even proved himself to me yet. He's still sloppy and doesnt deserve the belt. Only reason he's had any success is because he's gigantic.
Fedor would kill him.


It would soon go to the ground one way or another, Lesnar would likely end up on top, at least initially, and everyone would be saying "OOOOOOOH, Lesnar's dominating him!! This looks very bad for Fedor -- he's got a 275 lb. guy on top of him!!" And before the commentators could even begin their next sentence Fedor would have him in an armbar or a leglock.

Fight over.


agreed if you remember fedors fought some real giants and had them on top of him before. He still won..



case and point.


I really don't think you can compare Hong man choi to Lesnar... Seriously... I mean, I guess you can COMPARE them, but honestly... I love MMA, and I am not a fan of WWE or any of its variations, but I really think anyone that is in the ring with Lesnar will have a difficult time. Not to say that he'll beat Fedor at this point in time, but I don't think it's so clear cut.


I tend to agree. Fedor has been on the ground with some guys who weighed as much (or more) than Lesnar, but none who were freakish athletes and Div 1 National wrestling champs. Guys like Lesnar are very rare (especially in combat sports) and we don't really know how Fedor would fare against him unless we actually got to see them fight.

I do agree with others that Lesnar is still very raw, and has a long way to go before he reaches his potential. But if he ever does, I don't think there is anyone, including Fedor, in MMA who he could not beat.

Let's just hope that holding the belt doesn't go to his head, stunt his growth as a fighter, and prevent him from ever reaching his true potential.


To blackngrey: Why do you have that picture? I mean seriously. I did laugh though. Do you listen to Air Supply? lol


If thats you in the picture it is one hell of a physique!


If Fedor were to come into this fight the way he did the AA fight I believe Lesnar would end up with the win. If Fedor trains for real and doesn't do movies one month before the fight he smashes Brock. If I had to bet the house I would lay it on Fedor. When this fight comes around, if it does, I will lay 100-200 on Lesnar. I'm sure the odds will be about Lesnar +600.


One more thread whee people underestimate Hong Man Choi.
Why do you people do this?

It's clear that he'll never be an amazing MMA contender, but that's because it's unreasonable for him.
He can stay ridiculously rich and famous with K1 and perhaps an occasional mixed rules fight, so why should he explore MMA fully?

On the other hand, if K1 would go bankrupt tomorrow, you could see the korean giant whoop some serious asian ass in asian octagons soon.

The real question would be: how would Hong fare against Brock?
Even though Lesnar would be a deserving favorite, Hong would have a decent chance looking at how he sprawl-buried Fedor under him. And don't forget he's a Ssireum Champion.


They were actually scheduled to fight, I think, but Hong Man pulled out and Brock got served a can for his first MMA bout.

That said, I think he looked unimpressive against Cro Cop, but it is possible he could have done better if that had been an MMA match.


hey guys my computer and all my pics is a hundred miles away so i figured i through up the Hoff"s sexy body! hahaha


honestly The only reason i mention Hongwas cause his size. I believe Brock is a way better athlete.
I also am not knocking Brock. He's got tons of talent i just dont believe he deserves a title and he only got it cause the heavy weight devision is the weakest in the UFC.
As was said he's still a cherry in martial arts. With some time he will undoubtably be unbeatable.

Question though folks?????
should they rething the weight classes. How even is it that a guy is outweighs his advisary by 40+ pds?????


People give size way too much credit when it comes to judging fighters. So what if Lesnar is bigger than Fedor.

For fighters there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to size and strength, where you start making trade offs.

That is why there aren't a bunch of linebacker sized heavyweights in MMA like Lesnar.

Fedor is right around the upper limit of human size where if you get any bigger your movement starts becoming awkward and agility becomes an issue. You can see some of it in Lesnar, the way he moves is like a guy who weighs 265 he's not the most graceful man on the planet.

Let's not forget that Lesnar has not had a lot of fights to prove himself like Fedor. Lesnar hasn't even gotten past Frank Mir yet and I have doubts that he will.


Yes, but the point is that if you put Lesnar in a magic shrinking machine and shrunk him down to the point where he was only 225 (but with the same proportions and same skill set he has now) he wouldn't be NEARLY as tough to beat. As a matter of fact, Randy almost certainly would've handled him had that been the case.


True about the diminishing returns, in most cases (well, in all cases but some guys can maintain speed and agility better than others).

It makes a big difference that Lesnar is so much bigger than Fedor though. If size and strength didn't matter when it came to fighters, there'd be no need for weight classes.

Whether little guys want to admit it or not (and I'd consider myself a little guy, at least height wise) size and strength is an advantage when it comes to combat.

Or, could it be that they'd rather get paid millions of dollars to play in the NFL or other more lucrative sports? Also, not everyone enjoys getting punched in the face or the sheer violence of combat sports. So, I'm sure you lose some candidates to that as well.

If MMA started paying comparative, or greater salaries to pro football, I bet you'd see a lot more linebacker (or even Defensive end) sized heavyweights going into MMA. Lesnar isn't even the top of the food chain, he couldn't hack it in the NFL, even with his athleticism. There are guys out there who would make him look small, slow and weak.

Alexander Karelin could do a full splits, back flips and was incredibly quick and explosive at 286 lbs. David Robinson (NBA center) could walk the length of a basketball court on his hands at a height of 7'1" and 250 lbs of weight. There are NFL left tackles that tip the scale at over 300 lbs and can run a sub 5 second 40 yard dash.

So, while your statement might apply to the general public, make no mistake that there are individuals of that size who are incredibly quick, agile, flexible and coordinated. Olympic gymnast caliber? No, but you won't find anyone over 5'9" (and even then it's extremely rare) who has that level of agility.

Very true, he's still very wet behind the ears. I honestly think he's going to own Mir though, he should have the first time, and I don't think he'll be so easily surprised by a very obviously set up knee bar this time around. I don't think he'd beat Fedor right now either, just think he's got the raw talent to reach a level that would allow him to beat Fedor.




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