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Fedor : Spoiler


Wtf did I just watch..... I'm at a loss of words.. that was just dumb.






I bet 50 cents on Werdum....and won $1.60. Time for a night on the town.


Chasing a guy with that level BJJ is not a great idea. As soon as he went to ground like that I had a feeling it was not going to end well for Fedor. I was wondering if he was gonna tap out. It just didnt seem like him to tap.


video for those not seen it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPYZV12obhA


Ahh, damn it. First real loss in MMA. I almost can't believe it!!! Is this fake?!


Yeah, it was dumb. A geniuos gameplan by Werdum - lure Fedor into being Fedor, and beat him with something he's practiced thousands of times.

Fedor has needed to step up his game since the Arlovski fight, but instead of getting quicker, heavier, and more muscular, he's become flabbier, less motivated and slower.

Who can blame him? it seems like he's lost some of the joy of fighting he had, and what motivation is it so simply fight to remain undefeated? He underestimated the ground game, I believe he survived the Nogueira fight because he dazed him for most of the fight before going to the ground, that and as it went on and things got sweaty, submissions were much ahrder to sink in.

Fedor is till my favourite fighter, but to still be the best, in my mind he has to:

1:Consider his motivations for continuing to fight.

2: Start lifting, like most Heavyweights, or drop to 205.

3: Hire outside coaches that can see flaws his lifetime coaches can't. Jackson?

Finally, he has lost ONE fight, because he was unfocused and stupid.

Imagine fedor simply not going into Werdum's guard, and standing with him? Werdum would have been face down fast.

A rude wakeup-call for those who believe anyone to be invincible and superhuman for sure.


Sorry to disagree with the conventional wisdom, but Fedor has been hiding since Pride broke up. If he really wanted to be tested and prove himself as a true champion he'd have been in the UFC.

I don't think he'd have stood up against Lesnar, Couture, or even guy like Frank Mir. His standup is not the greatest and I believe he really missed an opportunity the past few years after Pride ended. In MMA anybody can lose and fighting weak opponents only increases the odds that one of these guys will beat you.

If he's really a champ then what he decides to do next with his career will tell us a lot. I'd love to see him take on Lesnar or Carwin in the fall of 2010. Defeating the winner of their fight would convince me.


Lol@ has been hiding. Type in "sherdog" and leave this place.

Frank Mir isn't even in Fedor's league by a longshot. He would get smashed by Big Country.
Couture is ancient and only good for hyping other fighters - even Toney has a decent chance here.
Now Lesnar, who's ring age says he's a youngling, has probably around 80lbs of lean muscle advantage on him and should use every damn pound of it because every minute he's not on top of Fedor means he's probably KTFO.

Fedor could retire at any moment as the Great One of MMA.

I said it before this fight, even before Arlovski, that he should retire soon. I assume he's well off, and he's got nothing to prove.

He's not over the hill or anything, but he has lost a bit of rage, which is no wonder since he dominated for about ten (!) years. There are hungrier fighters then him out there with joints that don't make funny noises and who's purses are empty.

Some time ago, Fedor explicitly stated he doesn't care particularly for fighting he just considers it his job.

I can't say I wasn't a tad bewilderd when he started to surrender himself with religious loons and talk about god during any damn snippet you would hear. I believe some people come to terms with their inner violence this way.


Damn....I just watched the fight. People were talking like he "simply" got caught. He got overzealous,imo....after almost KO'n Werdum ala Dos Santos. He should have known better to play in the guard of a top-level jiu-jitsu guy.

But what can you say....at least he has always fought to not just win...but dominate. Only about 1% of current top fighters can say the same. To follow up what Schwarz stated..I think his mind is more on retiring than fighting...apparent from an recent interview of Fedor's.


I always knew Fedor was beatable. It was just a matter of time. I gotta agree with Big Boss, It's already amazing he went almost 10 years without a defeat while coming out to end fights. He hasn't gone to a decision since 2005.

I'm curious to see how he responds to the loss and where he goes from here. Will he train differently? Will he become a religious recluse? Regardless, if he retires now, he'll still be the greatest.


I had a feeling when I saw the weigh-ins that Fedor just didn't seem too serious or focused this time. A little too laid back and happy, and he DID look flabbier than usual. I thought, "He MIGHT just pull a Tyson-Douglas and drop this one."

When he knocked Werdum on his ass and then went after him on the ground I was like "What is he DOING?!?" Make him stand back up and knock him the fuck out! If Fedor had done that I think he would've knocked Werdum out in the first round. He clearly had no problem connecting against him, as evidenced by that quick knockdown.

Fedor's got to be kicking himself HARD right now. It's one thing to lose your unblemished record due to just getting your ass kicked to a better man. It's another thing to lose it to a REALLY stupid tactical mistake.

If he has the fire, and he chooses to, he could use this to make himself the deadliest MoFo anyone could ever imagine. GSP got really re-focused after the stupid loss to Serra.

Or he could just go down in a losing streak as many have. The question is how he responds to this.


Different Fighters, different consequences:

GSP wanted to get back to the top very bad.
Crocop dreamed of fishing in a croatian pond

Fedor ... no idea - maybe he just wants to party russia style, or pray in his favorite church.

But I totally agree with you, he needs to fight smarter from now on. If he has an advantage, he should milk it- no more "I can do everything" if the odds get worse.


one loss andthe vultures circle...how can anyone deride a guy who after his first loss simply says, 'man who does not fall cannot stand up' fuck the haters, the ufc aint shit


Nobody is saying that he can't get up again. It's just that he lost his perfect record in such a "stupid" way. And people always believed him to be unbeatable... And now they're stunned by the manner in which he did get beat.


who are these people? everyone can lose. i dont see why the consensus here is that fedor shouldnt have followed werdum to the ground. it is what has made fedor the man of the sport. he goes wherever the fight goes. he fought crocop standing. nog on the ground. arlovski standing. he never backed away or shied from engagement. in a year of lackluster decisions, i cannot fault fedor for doing what i tune in to watch - fight. the ufc is full of fighters just concerned with eeking out the win at the expense of the sport in my opinion...the last few strikeforces and bellators (and the last wec) had fighters leaving it all on the mat. that is what the sport is about...lately many of the fighters in the ufc have abandoned the lay and pray routine for the even shittier lay on the cage routine (thank you jackson's camp for adding that bit if shittness to mma, youve made your mark)


Didn't watch the fight live, just caught the replay, but people need to stop discrediting Fedor and start applauding Werdum. He capaitalized on a mistake made by a guy who's made a career out of being damn near infallible. Who knows why Fedor was so "careless" when he's normally so precise, and really, who cares? It takes absolutely nothing away from what he's done, or what he still could potentially do. It's also funny listening to these guys who say "I knew it was gonna happen" or "He looked different at the press conference"... Bullshit. Any fighter can lose on any given night. Of course it was bound to happen. And he looked the exact same as he always does: sleepy, disinterested and looking like he wants a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. He made a mistake, Werdum caught it, Fedor lost, life moves on. I am interested to see what he does next though.


I know what you're saying, but Fedor really shouldn't have followed him down. The game is about winning, and when you're going to the mat with a BJJ blackbelt(not sure of what rank of BB he has, but he showed his skills damn well),you sure as hell don't have a chance of winning, even if you're Fedor Emilianenko. I mean, he's the unbeatable Fedor, and he went down in less than a minute! By a basic submission that he should have faced 1000s of times before in practice and competition.

This time he made a big mistake.


I don't see Werdum win bigger than Fedors loss.