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Fedor Signs with Strikeforce




Does Vadim have Fedor's family locked up in a Siberian prison? There is no way Strikeforce can afford to pay him more than the UFC.


Fedor owns something like 20% of M-1. That's why he's going for the co-promotion, he's supposedly looking at M-1 as his retirement fund.


As I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here; when it comes to Fedor's contract, money is at the bottom of the list. The one thing that the UFC & Fedor couldn't come to terms with is co-promotion with M-1 global. M-1 insists that whomever they sign with must co-promote. Dana is not going to co-promote under any circumstances. From my understanding, that was the hang up with the contract. The UFC bent a lot...they even excluded their champion's clause for Fedor however, they will not co-promote.

Fedor needs the UFC more than the UFC needs Fedor.


Well good for M-1......oh,and Fedor,too....lol.

If I read correctly,M-1 is only co-promoting the cards headlined by Fedor. This is not a deal for all around co-promotion. At least Strikeforce has experience of co-promoting with EliteXC in the similar manner. But this is another level. We shall see....not really concerned with the exhausted "politics" surrounding Fedor...I just want to see some damn fights now.




Fedor signing with Strikeforce is the second best thing MMA fans hoped for, I think. Fedor in the UFC would have been better, but still, Fedor vs Overeem will be sweet.

Scott Coker is making some bold moves, I hope Strikeforce doesn't change its business model too much - I don't want to see another EliteXC-like fiasco, not with promoter as cool, as Strikeforce.


Now we'll get maybe two or three good HW fights out of the deal. After that, what and who is next for Fedor? I would have to agree that he's primarily in it for the money. I don't blame him, but let's just be honest here. Oh well. Congrats to him and Strikeforce, I suppose.


Now M-1 can effectively kill another promotion and competitor for the UFC. Things always turn up roses for Zuffa these days.


Fedor signs for Strikeforce? Awesome. There is no reason for the UFC to have a monopoly on the MMA.

I would also assume that having Fedor makes Strikeforce more attractive for future HW talent signings.


Fuck all these businesses...all fighters should be under one fucking roof to see who really is the best.


all top fighters


"Fedor is a f---ing joke," UFC President Dana White responded Monday after learning that Emelianenko had signed with Strikeforce. â??He turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies for no money!"

Dana's feelings are hurt..lol.


Fedor is probably my favorite fighter, but I'm more than a little disappointed he didn't work something out with the UFC. White was willing to let him do sambo, but wouldn't give on the co-promotion. As great a fighter as I think Fedor is, people will always question how he would fair in the UFC, especially after seeing what has happened to some other PRIDE fighters in the UFC (e.g., Cro Cop).


You've got it quite the other way around. Fedor is rich, he could retire right now, and probably be set for life... he only needs the UFC if he still wants to fight top competition (and it doesn't look like that's the case right now).

The UFC needs Fedor because he's very widely regarded as the best heavyweight fighter in the world... if the best heavyweight isn't in your organization, then the UFC heavyweight title doesn't really mean anything, people will still stay "Sure, he's the champ... here... but Fedor'd kick his butt".

If Lesnar is a better fighter (i'm not saying that he is), the UFC would just need Fedor to fight just once, and lose to validate Lesnar's status (and that of the UFC's heavyweight division).


Dan Henderson and Rampage and Anderson Silva are doing alright in the UFC :slightly_smiling:


Well he did fight in affliction..I really don't think Fedor has lost the steam, intensity or anything like some other top fighters have (Cro Cop)

Someone said Fedor owns 20% of M-1 and looking for that for a retirement fund. I hope it all works out for him and he does retire with a shitload of money, I mean millions upon millions.

I'm assuming Fedor KNOWS that he'll get MORE money from co-promotion instead of just fighting for UFC and getting a certain amount of money per fight.

I know it disappoints everyone..but I think Fedor made a smart move...
Also there is many interesting fights.
Fedor vs. Overeem is better than Fedor vs. Carwin, Cain, etc in my opinon.

I actually think Fedor would absolutely CRUSH Cain, Kongo. I mean DESTROY lol.

I would love to see those matchups just to see them gettin ruined. (even tohugh I like both fighters haha)

Brock vs. Fedor doesn't interest me as it does everoyne else...but it'd be pretty cool to see Brock get smashed..primarily cause he's so big and strong etc etc.


oh and jjospeph_X...you pointed out something brilliant..didnt even think of that..good job man.


More like Dana finally realized Fedor was ducking him the entire time.


This sucks.