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Fedor in new Affliction/M-1 Reality Series


Honestly, I think this is a horrible idea.
However, I hope it will get US coverage so I can watch it. Having a reality TV tournament like TUF and then having the winner square off against E-FED... are you nuts?


They could have a tv show about Fedor eating bananas and I would watch it.

However, this seems like TUF, only instead of a contract to the winner, he gets to be destroyed. What a great prize! Fedor kicked my ass!

I have to wonder how much Fedor would actually be participating in any part of the show. Is he going to train the guys that will fight him? Not that it probably matters.

Affliction needs to shit or get off the pot with their next show too.


Hey if nothing else it should be entertaining! Its like a modern day Rocky 4. Except the winner of the tournament probably has no chance at all to beat Fedor...

Sounds like a great way for more people to learn about Fedor and how incredible he is though, adding to the legitimacy of Affliction and the WAMMA belt.

If Fedor trained the guys, it would be interesting to see what they show in the final cut. He's apparently very secretive about his training regime. Hah but could you imagine what might happen if he lost?


Really? I've seen a ton of videos on his training. I also have a video of a Sambo clinic he did in Russia where he details his stand up technique pretty well. Then again, Fedor's technique itself is nothing special, it's the way he implements it against his opponents.

If he lost hell would freeze over, pigs would fly, and the Raiders would win the Superbowl.


This show is going to be fucking lame.


I think they should make all 16 of them fight Fedor in a row...that would be entertaining. And the last couple may not have their spines ripped out cause he may be tired by then.

One positive thing I see about this show is they may go slightly outside the talent pool we normally see here in the U.S. That and hopefully since it won't be season 42 of the show, they won't gay it up beyond belief like they've done to TUF.


It's the way they train. Unless you've trained Judo or Sambo with Russians, you'll really never get how he trains.

It's more a philosophy, but in general, it involves enduring a lot of pain. Not just, "I'm tired or my muscles have lactic acid." But a different kind of pain. Again, hard to explain.

When in training you are enduring pain all the time and remaining calm, that translates well into MMA.


True. It's like watching anyone who is really good at something. You can see it, understand the mechanics and the philosophy behind it, but it doesn't mean you can do it.

I would imagine anyone could outline Fedor's training regime and replicate it to some degree, but that doesn't make you Fedor.


oooooh, that would be a really, really good proposition bet. I'd bet on the Raiders winning the Super Bowl before Fedor loses, but the most likely event is probably just that the bet doesnt pay, ie, Fedor retires before they win a superbowl ... of course, i guess technically you can't lose if youre retired


I agree. It's like doing basketball drills with Kobe Bryant doesn't make you Kobe Bryant.

If the show succeeds, I think it will be to the extent of which Fedor is shown on the episodes, and if he trains with the fighters, or if the fighters learn from a Fedor disciple (or his brother), then the 16 guys knock each other out and the winner faces Fedor.

I remember watching an episode of Human Weapon and Fedor was on. The two hosts met Fedor and thought they would be fighting him, but instead, they were going to fight one of his students. I have a feeling his show might be the same.


fedor barrnet match up would be awesome

but a win for barnett could ruin everything


Congratulations!!! You've won the right to receive a vicious stomping!!!