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Fact: No one can get slammed on their head by a freakishly strong
wrestler and roll over to submit him without being phased.

Fact: No one hits that hard, especially on the ground.

Fact: No one can maintain the EXACT same facial expression before,
during and after a fight.

Fact: No one can beat Nog, Randleman, Coleman, Arona, Semmy and Heath
without any problem (or much effort).

Fact: In 1980, as part of a last-ditch effort to refurbish the Soviet
Union with a viable opposition to growing American hegomony, the USSR
devised a secret program called "Operation Golem". When the USSR fell,
the "man" created in this program escaped.

Fact: He turned up in Japan.

The time has come to expose "Fedor".



Seeing Fedor get slammed by Randleman and then getting up as if nothing happened was the scariest thing I have ever seen a human do. Can anyone imagine what was going through Randleman's head after he just stood up unphased?


Yea I can, "awww SHIT."


Has Fedor ever been beaten? I watched the fight against Nog and couldn't help but think he was pretty much indestructable.


The power of the USSR Golem is unmatchable this is true...

but he had one loss, to a cut on his face...the loss itself is questionable he dominated most of the match.

it was his 4th fight against tsuyoshi kohsaka... he recently fought kohsaka again.......... doctor stopped the fight :slight_smile:

To the Top for the CYBORG


He does have a loss against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka due to a cut over his eye suffered in the first twenty seconds of the fight by a freak punch that happened to catch him with the side of his glove, Fedor later avenged this loss last year, handily beating on Kohsaka, though ironically this fight was also stopped after the first round due to doctor stoppage...it was pretty apparent that Kohsaka was greatly outclassed though.

Fedor is a machine man, one of the more impressive things I've seen is his fight against Fujita where Fedor was rocked(to steal a term from Rogan,) actually I think he was pretty much out on his feet at one point, but manages to hold on, get his bearings, and choked Fujita out...I know we've had threads where we say we don't know how good Bruce Lee was, but I'll go ahead and say there's no way in hell he could phase that dude, I'd say Fedor via decapatation in the first ten seconds.

Here's the Fedor-Fujita fight:



Here's the Randleman-Fedor clip...man I love Google videos, they've increased my library a ridiculous amount.



Fedor IS a cyborg. I'll admit, Aleksander is nice, but no one does it like big brother does. Did you guys catch that first left on Zulu?

It made my computer screen crack.


Well that stunt that randelman did is basic wrestling move and if you know how to act on it, it doesn't hurt at all. It's win situation in wrestling 'couse the opponent is on the back, but in PRIDE it's just another exhibition move. The real job is to finish the man after the suplex (name of the move) wich randelman failed to do..


if forsee a "Fedor Fact" thread, ala Chuck Norris.



I've seen men pass out from slams which were a lot less severe, in the ring and and on the streets.
In the Fedor vs Randleman Fight (it wasn't Coleman) you can clearly see the force of the impact, bending Fedor's neck in a wicked angle.
That was truly creepy.

I wouldn't say he is a soviet cyborg.
That is ridiculous.
He is an alien cyborg, of course!


My bad nameing. Fixed it. :slight_smile:

Well I had my share of suplex-es. And one of my best friends was state champion in his category. The move lands you on your sholders not head. Watch the replay you can see that he landed on his shoulder. The risk in that type of move is that when you land on only one of your shoulders, if not prepared, you can easily dislocate it.


Fedor is no doubt the best fighter in MMAs brief history.

I however disagree with your comments on the Arona fight. Did you see the fight? Arona could have easily won the decision.

I think Fedors biggest tests were Nog and believe it or not Fujita. Nog for the obivious reasons of being the 2nd best HW of all time and having the iron chin and slick subs that he has. But Fujita cause Fedor got cut and rocked bad in that fight, yet the man even when dazed planted a perfect body shot and high combo followed by a quick and hard RNC. He basically did what Gomi does when at 100% while he was dazed from the heymaker Fujita landed. That proves he is certianly a cut above the rest, evem at the worse of times.


A more important question is: has his facial expression ever changed?


Wrestlers learn to take the fall by flattening their upper back and shoulders and dispersing the impact over a wide area, but Fedor lands on his neck and head.


I think I saw him smile once after an exhibition spar with his brother. I had nightmares, and it wasn't because of ZMA that night.


It's realy more of a smirk



The only time his face really changes is the genuine elation he shows when his brother wins.

Fedor is amazing.


Fedor is unreal, and he just may be a cyborg.


Is there a heavyweight in the world right now who could be a legitimate threat to Fedor?

And if you could pick his next opponent, who would make it the most interesting, best fight to watch?

My pick....

Arlovski vs Fedor.

Mark Hunt vs Fedor.