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Fedor- Baddest Man on the Planet


Why haven't you guys linked this video? Come on, fellas!


Mike Tyson will always be the baddest man on the planet.


True, but still a good video.


Yeap. No question. Plus, Fedor's a pussy. He's too scared to go over to the UFC and fight the best fighters in the world.

If he's really as good as everyone thinks, he should've taken Dana White's offer and manned up to fight Brock Lesnar. Pussy.


When Lesnar gets Fedor's record, then we can talk about Fedor vs. Lesnar.


30-1 isn't exactly pussy. There's been countless threads up regarding the issue. If he has nothing to prove and it's all for money now I would probably be in his shoes and try to get my company as a co-promoter as well. Good vid though.


its easy to call someone a pussy over the net. Fedor is no pussy, neither is Iron Mike, or Lesnar. Fedor isnt in the UFC for 1 simple reason; money. All that love for the sport nonsense goes out the window when you are talking about million dollar contracts. You would do the same if you were in his shoes. Contrary to popular belief, UFC is not the only place for mma fighters.

Fedor has a ton of contracts and the contract offered by Zuffa/UFC isnt a good fit for him and no one can think less of him for it. Hell UFC these days isnt what the Gracie family started it as. Its been raped and commercialized to the Nth degree and its on the verge of becoming a WCW/WWF type enterprise. No one wants to see that happen.

Until there is a undisputed, multi-promotional style event, the pound-for-pound list will never be a good representation of MMA's elite athletes. Unless you think Miguel Angel Torres can stand and hold his own with Lesnar.


Fedor is Russian. That automatically ups someones badass-ocity by a very large margin. And isn't the 'World's Baddest Man' always given to the Heavyweight boxing champion?


I personally never agreed with the automatic heavyweight champion being the baddest on the planet assumption.

I mean is Sugar Ray Robinson any less of a fighter because he wasn't a heavyweight. Don't think so.

And I do think less of Fedor for his choice. Yes, I understand why he did it, but come on, UFC gave in on everything except one item, and that wasn't enough? But at the same time, he's a grown man who will do what he sees as best for him, and I hope it works out for him.

and on a side note UFC was originally, and basically a Gracie infomercial for BJJ. And now it's an actual business. I got no love for Dana per se, but people need to stop talking like the Gracies were saints who started UFC out of love and appreciation for martial arts. Because that is just not true.


LOL @ Fedor's a pussy. Some of you are just fucking retarded.


i could take him


to dinner!


I'll cornerman for you


Do you know CPR?


All he'd need to know is how to throw a towel.



I'll kick his ass too. After that I'll steal his bitch and his sweater.



Quickly. With record breaking speed.


Wait! Maybe, you could get one of them towel-launcher guns, like at basketball games. Aim it right at Fedor's face and hope he gets knocked out, while throwing in the towel so to speak.

Wow, that sounds alot lamer than it did in my head.


Fedor could fight at 205. Fuck he could probably cut to 185. He doesn't care. He doesn't cut weight. He just goes out like a machine and destroys people 50 pounds heavier than him.