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Fedor/Arlovski Promo Vid



Dude, Arlovski is working with Freddie Roach? That's awesome. His hands are going to be freaking sick.

Still not betting against Fedor though.

This is going to be an incredible fight!


He's been working with him for a while now. Man Arlovskis publicist is ANNOYING I dont really care who wins but damn the guy is obnoxious


I am a huge Arlovski fan and surely i am a fedor fan too.

this time i am rooting for andrei because i want to see him in the UFC again.

But i am afraid that hole Boxing thing breaks arlovskis neck. All the talking of andrei and freddy about fedors weak boxing. and andrei should take a boxing match later.... I really really hope he does not forget this is mma.

Guess what fedor will do... takedown within the first 10 seconds of the fight. and andrei really looked bad on his back in the roy nelson fight. i dont think he cant survive with fedor in his guard...

By the way, why have all the old boxing coaches problems with their pronunciation?
It seems like they cant move their jar correctly. or is there something special about freddy roach?


This is MMA not boxing.

I don't care how many great boxers Roach has coached, he doesn't know shit about MMA and he's even made negative comments about it, like ground fighting isn't fighting like a man.

I hope Fedor takes Arlovski down, pounds him out and then arm bars his ass in the first round.


I can't remember, but Freddy has some disease like MS or MD. I am not sure, but he is losing some motor skills.


Maybe I am wrong but I thought Arvloski was a fairly decorated sambo guy, yeah must be wrong, couldn't be the knockout bonuses he got in the ufc that made him not try to take it to the ground, hope affliction doesn't play the same game.


I believe he has Parkinsons.

Obviously this isn't a boxing match, but striking/punching is certainly an integral part of MMA. Roach is one of the best boxing coaches in the world, and with Andrei's natural KO power and already good punching skills prior to working with Roach, I don't see why anyone would criticize Andrei working with him.

I think it's safe to say that Andrei does not want to get into a grappling match with Fedor (unless it's on his terms perhaps) and knows that his best chance of victory is on the feet. Hence him training with Roach.

That video also didn't say who else Andrei might have been working with to prepare for Fedor. If he's smart he'll also be training a lot of takedown defense and getting back to his feet if things should hit the mat.

I still think it's going to be a good fight.


Training with a good boxing coach is never a bad thing in MMA... unless that boxing coach is not well versed in MMA.

A classical boxing coach will not take into account knees, kicks, wrestling, a muay thai clinch etc. He will more than likely drill improper movement that will no doubt work in boxing, but leave you vulnerable in MMA.

That being said... WAR FEDOR!


watch arlovski's youtube prep videos... you can see all the wrestling and jui jitsu training he is doing everyday to get ready for fedor...

they are great videos, good production value and let you know a little about andre's training style...


Sento is right Freddy Roach has Parkinson's same as Ali.
He is an excellent coach, very sophisticated.

Arlovski has a sambo background as well, and I believe he
is also a "Master of sport" so he does have decent grappling..
but this is Fedor.



Umm why is Arlovski still fighting? What has he ever done that was note worthy? I'm dead serious...I have never seen the guy have a win over anything even remotely resembling a good fighter. So if he has please let me know cause it must of been 1/2 a decade ago at the very earliest.

Fedor is going to embarrass him just like Timmy and I don't see how anyone can even think otherwise. I can understand being a die hard fan but what is the reasoning behind believing in Arlovski?


Sherdog.com (the biggest site for MMA) has him ranked as their #2 Heavyweight behind Fedor.

"2. Andrei Arlovski (14-5) This year offered Arlovski a great opportunity to rebuild himself, and he did so brilliantly. With his knockouts of Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson, he has earned himself the biggest fight of his career -- a meeting with the sport?s finest heavyweight, Emelianenko, in the main event of Affliction?s sophomore effort on Jan. 24."


His last 5 fights:

Beat Fabricio Werdum, ADCC champ in 2007 and Mundial Black Belt champion. Werdum has defeated Gabe Gonzaga twice, Alistair Overeem and Alexsander Emelianenko.

He beat Marcio Cruz, ADCC champ in 2003 and Mundial Black Belt champion. Cruz has defeated Frank Mir.

Beat Jake O'Brien who was undefeated at the time with a 10-fight win streak.

Beat Ben Rothwell who was on a 13-fight win streak.

And beat Roy Nelson who was 12-2 at the time.


Lol, you think Sherdog's opinion means shit? Sherdog is full of WWF fans that have followed Lesnar to MMA. They do have some people there that know their shit but sadly they are forum members and few and far between.

Like I said who has he beat and the only thing even remotely registering as note worthy is Werdum. Did you watch that fight? That wasn't a win that was Arlovski playing not to lose. It had shades of big Timmy with an almost an air of that douche bag that ran from Nate Quarry the whole fight then bitched afterwards.

Lol at Mario Cruz, Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson. The only good HW competition besides Fedor is in the UFC atm so nobody else matters. Now if it was a few years back it would be Pride. Unfortunately, everyone good, minus Fedor, is in the UFC and Arlovski couldn't fucking hack it. He fucking lost to big Timmy whose only attributes are size and a very basic 1 2 punch combo. Randy out boxed Timmy and Arlovski is supposed to be a boxing guru but couldn't pull it off in the ring.

Your MMA math doesn't add up. Just because you beat somebody that has beat top condition doesn't make you best. Otherwise Forrest Griffin was #1 LHW because he beat Shogun and Rashad is now #1 because he beat Forrest who beat Shogun and Rampage. Now Rashad may eventually be #1 but you can see how this argument doesn't work well can't you?

I don't doubt that Arlovski could be good but he just hasn't given the fight world anything of value in years. If he could come out like the pitbull he is supposed to be and KTFO some guys that aren't cans then I could understand you're support.



Just off the top of my head. These guys are all decent HWs outside the UFC. Why don't you share your top 15 with us.


werdum plain sucks, i never liked his ground gam and his stand-up is bad, and these days chuteboxe training is a crap.

most of these guys on the list would RAVAGE through UFC HW category, try putting Barnett or 49 there, Heck, you can even get Overeem and he would make a good job on the ufc.


There are a handful of guys from that list that are decent but they still aren't in the big show. I agree that Fedor, Barnett, Overeem and perhaps Alex could make some waves in the UFC but the thing is they aren't consistently fighting top competition. It'd be like having the Yankees play some college teams it doesn't fucking matter. If they used to have a bunch of championships if all they do is play lower level ball.

Anyways, I fail to see how that list means Arlovski is any good. Unless he is going to constantly have good performances against Fedor, Barnett, Overeem, and/or Alex, I just don't see how people can think he is anything but a B level fighter at best.

HW List (no particular order):
Lesnar (unfortunately, it physically pains me to put him up here)
Big Nog

I'm hesitant to put anyone else on the list due to inconsistent performances. People like Gonzaga, Randy and possibly Mir could do alright but who knows wtf Randy's next move is and this is Mir's first win in quite a while. Werdum also comes to mind but I don't like his style just like another poster stated.


How can you say that Mir is not on that list (currently) when he beat both Lesnar and Big Nog?

I agree that Big Nog's past performances made him one of the best HW's in the world, but recently he hasn't looked all that impressive. Age is definitely starting to catch up with him (along with all those wars he was in). ATM, I don't think he deserves the spot over Mir or Arlovski.

Besides, I would have loved to see a Barnett vs. Arlovski match to determine who would fight Fedor, but I guess with the show getting pushed back to January from October, Fedor was able to recover from his hand injury, and for whatever reason Affliction felt that Arlovski vs. Fedor was more interesting than Barnett vs. Fedor.


I think Alexander Emelianenko has all the talent to be top 5 HW, but how can you rank him over Arlovski, when he doesn't have any notable wins, besides Kharitonov?

Arlovski has 5 consecutive wins, 4 of them by TKO/KO, and his opposition was solid. Pe de Pano was 2-1, Werdum was 9-2, Jake O'Brien was 10-0, Rothwell was 29-5 and Roy Nelson was 13-2 when he fought them.


Age? the guy is only 32, but his body has taken its toll, fighting a 4th fight with fedor would be asking to be killed.

He doesn't have reflexes anymore, if you watch his last 3 fights he got knocked-down like 2 times each fight at least, he can't keep using the "iron-chin" tactic anymore, everyone always talks wonders about Minotauro boxing but those last fights he was a moving target.

He didn't connect one punch at Frank Mir, and to be honest, i was pretty shocked too, and he wasn't even able to take it to the ground.