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Fedor and the UFC


Why is Fedor never gonna fight in the UFC? Does Dana White hate him that much, or do you think they want a heavyweight champion that is much more mainstream, that being Brock Lesnar. I truly think Lesnar v. Fedor would be one of the best fights ever, but sadly will never be realized.


First Lesnar vs. Fedor would be over very quickly. How can you say a guy with 3-1 record can compete with the absolut best of the world? Thats ridiculous.
Someone who is on a 28 fight win streak against the top heavyweights.

lesnar is no joke you are right but i bet if he fights ten guys like gonzage, verdum and so he will lose a minimum of 4 bouts. He has a long road to go until lesnar is really good. You can absolutley not compare him to fedor.

And the only reason why fedor is not in the UFC is because the UFC wants to control everything. They are not allowed to take other competions out of UFC. They have to give away their rights for computergames for free for their hole life. And the newest thing is the UFC wants to control the sponsorship.

Dont believe Dana does not hire somebody if he doesnt like him. Dana likes money, he has no feelings for guys as long as they sign his contract. It is the same with every other boss of a big company.


Never say never. If the $$ can get worked out right it will happen. Dana is about the money. Fedor is a bright, forward-thinking person who is well aware that he has a limited time-frame to make the big bucks fighting. If the business end makes sense to both Dana and Fedor it will happen. That being said, Lesnar must improve dramatically to have a chance against Fedor. We are talking years of huge leaps in several skill sets. He must be impressive in victories over several of the top heavies to earn a shot at the "Emperor". Even then he has only a remote chance. But he is the only one on the horizon who has such huge upside potential that it could happen.


From what I've heard:

  1. Fedor wouldn't be allowed to compete in Combat Sambo anymore. He's a big icon in Russia for his sport and doesn't want to give it up.

  2. The UFC wanted a clause that if he kept winning he wouldn't be released from his contract.

  3. More managerial issues, currently Fedor picks his opponents, has leverage in getting his teammates on cards, etc.


As the UFC has aggressive plans to expand into Europe, it is very hard for me to believe that Dana does not want to sign Fedor, badly. He's said himself he would sign him in a heartbeat.


The UFC would love to have Fedor, no question.

As I understand it and as referenced above, the issue is that the UFC requires exclusivity in their fighter contracts thereby precluding guys from fighting in competitors' events.

Fedor is, allegedly, unwilling to accept such a restriction to date. However, that being said, this doesn't mean that a deal won't happen but simply that the commercial terms will have to be sufficiently attractive to justify Fedor accepting such an exclusivity restriction (should the UFC's position on exclusivity prove unbendable).

MMA is a relatively new "commercial" sport and the UFC have been impressively quick to unilaterally impose terms on fighters and restrict the fighters' potential revenue streams. I liked the fact that Fitch stood up and was counted (even if he did have to sit back down and sign up in the end after some peace brokering from Lorenzo Fertitta).


for the record i never said lesnar would beat fedor. i am a fedor fan all the way which is why i want to see him in the octagon.