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Fedor and Shinya Aoki to Meet April 29


Dann Stupp, MMAjunkie.com

Famed heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko will meet lightweight stand-out Shinya Aoki during a five-minute "special exhibition" at an April 29 M-1 Challenge (presented by Affliction) event in Tokyo, the organization today announced.

Rules for the contest are still being negotiated.

So . . . someone want to explain the idea behind this to me?

Anyone? Anyone?

Bueller? Bueller?


Odd, but cool. If Aoki agrees to this then those knees he took to the head more severely effected his logic centers than I previously guessed. I mean come on, he barely made 170lbs and he wants to fight a guy who's 230ish? This is just stupid, but ultimately interesting.


I read that it will be submission grappling, not mma.


That's the only logical reason Aoki would agree to this.


Mach did tap rico at adcc

this is a crazy match up.
Both fighters and promotor are silly for this.


This is sick you know Damian Maia tapped Gabe Gonzaga on numerous occasions, Aoki can win.


The only uncool thing about this fight is that if Aoki beats Emelianenko, "Fedor's overrated, Brock F-5'ed a shark" shitstorm will ensue.

Did really Mach tap Ricco? Damn, that's pretty cool, considering that Ricco is(or maybe was) a great grappler.


It'd be great if it was an mma match....I don't know why Fedor would agree to a grappling matchup unless he is well paid for it


em maybe "special exhibition" is a clue?


I still think it's cool, but a little nuts as well. Looking forward to it, but Aoki isn't going to win.


I think it is an interesting and even matchup. I'd be more intrigued by a match between Marcelo Garcia (defeated Aoki at ADCC by RNC) and Fedor. Marcelo has beaten Drysdale, Maia, both Ribeiro brothers, Ricco Rodriguez, and Gonzaga to name a few, and he is TINY!



Mach tapped rico.


And Chitown is right, Marcelo Garcia would have been more interesting, Marcelo Garcia vs anyone is interesting.

His vid on the Gi work is very inspirational



When technique is equal...


Looking forward to when the vid finally goes up May 4th, sounds like it was a hell of an exhibition.



Explains all about the spar.


Here's the video:


And score one for weight classes. Fedor rag-dolled that kid. If they were striking, there were at least 5 times where it looked like Fedor could have punched through the guy's skull and probably through the mat below him! Props to the kid for getting a couple of takedowns, that does take some serious skill.


Will Fedor be competing in open weight at Abu Dhabi.


Don't think he's even competing in Abu Dhabi anymore his management keeps going back and forth with it.

While it's obviously an exhibition and Fedor could have destroyed him at any moment he chose I was still pretty impressed by aoki.

Aoki pulled off a sick double! thats how i like to shoot, sakuraba style, let them rush you then drop low while they're coming in and spin. And I can't wait for some twat-waffle to say that if Aoki can take fedor down then _____ can too. Aoki pulled off a pretty sick throw as well, just flawless technique. Fedor easily reversed it but that was still pretty sick to see. I know it's an exhibition but it's still against a heavyweight and Aoki did still exhibit amazing skill imo.

The announcers brought up a great point. We don't realize how fast Fedor really is. Sam Sheridan mentioned it in his book "a fighters heart" that he never saw anyone hit as fast and hard as fedor. But for him to keep up speedwise with a lightweight is fucking sick

Imagine hitting as hard as a heavyweight but moving as fast as a lightweight. WOW.


Thats one reason I think he can get away with the looping punches, he covers so quickly, aomething people with similar styles can't do. (Chuck currently)