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Fedor and Bro Circuit Training Vid


Its worth the watch if you haven't seen it.Aleks's tattoos are fucking badass..


So basically a circuit with

Abdominal Stuff: situps, jackknives etc
BB Pushaways
Hang Power (almost a muscle) Clean
BB "Hang Uppercut Curl Power Clean"
Inverted Rows?
Twists w/ Plate

sidenote: it takes a russian team to feature classical music. E-Guitar shredding rules northamerican training footage.

thanks for posting


That was sublime, i am a HUGE Fedor fan, i would make a tattoo in his honor.


Aleksander is looking badass lean here!


I think I just threw up in mouth a little. Stop sucking 4 year old footage of Fedor's nuts.


whatever skinny boy, go get some Diverticulitis like your idol.


I came across it on youtube and posted because I thought other people might get a kick out of it.Thats all.Oh and I didn't know 2009 was 4 years ago thanks for the headsup.


mmm, i'm pretty sure that by 2009 Alexander didn't train anymore with Fedor.

Anyway don't mind Beer Shoes.


Fedor's Hang Clean form needs some work


form is solid - it's a russian long clean


Tattos don't scare Steven Seagal

neither does fat, bald, old russian dudes who don't know squat about front kicks

thank god he's on our side.

LB the troll


Yeah, he would stop Fedor Punch and Chokes with his Chi just like he did with Gene Lebell.


Maybe to my untrained eye, I'm missing something, but that video reminds me of any video I've seen on youtube where some High School kids are just dicking around in the weight room?

The only nice part of the video was the music.


It looks like an aerobic strength corcuit. Count the time between stations.


So you're telling me that if some kid (instead of Fedor) had done this exact same workout, posted it here for critiques, he wouldn't get flamed to hell and back?

Regardless of the aim of the workout, it looked pretty stupid.


wha? Looks like a standard circuit, with some odd exercises thrown in (long clean, bar pushaways) etc. I've seen variations of this in a lot of fight documentaries.

High school kids dicking around in a weight room, at least where I'm from, doesn't look like that, lol.



Is it really a "long clean" - I was just joking with my comment! (It's a play on Fedor's unorthodox hooks that are supposedly "russian long hooks"). I swear this site seldom gets my humour!

It certainly IS some form of muscle clean.


Shit. I have been exposed. I read that and was enough of a rube to think that a "long clean" must be yet another established Oly lift variation that I should have heard of.

I admit it. My training experience with the fast lifts is mostly limited to kettlebells (doesn't count) and the power snatch(my favorite lift, but that is likely more to some juvenile attraction to the name than any training effects.)

Oh, and I don't get the mechanics of the "russian long hook" either.

I suck.


Robert A


urgh, got me.


you mean the casting punch?