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Fedor and Barnett

Brock’s stand up defence was bad when he was pushed. In that Gif he has his hands by his waist as Mir comes in, unfortunately Mir misses with the initial strikes, but the elbow connects nicely, causing him to drop his head into a knee, Mir’s big mistake was going for the flashy flying knee instead of pushing off, circling and carrying on the attack.

Yup, I thought Mir had the fight won right then. When he did that jumping knee, I flew out of my chair screaming “What the hell are you doing???” My dad; a big Brock fan just laughed at me hahaha.

Also watching that gif reminds me of my old roomate. He was a highschool / college wreslter, middle of the road type. Anyway, when we would engage he would be in full control, mind boy connection, the whole muscle memory take over. but when we disengaged he would always do what brock just did there. he would “reset” for lack of a better word, but pulling back and sort of taking a tiny time out before reengaging. I wonder if it is a wreslting thing, or if I am just making a leap connection, but watching that it is very obvious to me and I haven’t seen my old roomate in probably ten years.

Fedor Emelianenko
Record 30 - 1 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) ( 1 NC )

Brock Lesnar
Record 4 - 1 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

what are we even talking about? fedor has fought the big, the small, the fast, he fought with freaks, grapplers, strikers, etc etc

maybe in few years brock will have the experience to challenge fedor, but then fedor will be too old to fight him :frowning:

[quote]Valor wrote:
Big_Boss wrote:
He can’t do this against Fedor^

Give him another year…BUT you have to think about what can possibly happen in that year. Will he still be champ??

What? Dodge, give ground, not get hit…and score a take down?[/quote]

Sarcasm or blindness…which one is it?

Why bring up the age issue if both Fedor and Lesnar are the same age? Do you mean he will want to retire?

Fedor by TKO in 1st. The weight is almost a non-issue due to the huge disparity in skill, experience, ring smarts, and Fedor’s iron chin. Fedor hasn’t met a wrestler that could hold him down for 3 rounds, and that is Lesnar’s only real chance of winning the fight.

[quote]Beershoes wrote:
Hickey… I could argue with most of what you’re saying, as sports talk is all speculation and opinions with few facts thrown in to spare,
agreed. it is all speculation. specualation is fun.

Could be. He hasn’t been KOd yet but for most it’s just a matter of time when you thrown down with big boys.


Also while there have been countless opponents who have taken Fedor to the ground, not many could do much to him once there. I think Fedor is the best heavyweight right now, but everyone gets beat, just a matter of time.[/quote]

Also agree. I wouldn’t bet any money on Brock against Fedor unless he was a monsterous UD, but I do believe it would be competitive. Fedor hasn’t grappled with anyone like brock. The closest would be Randleman or Coleman and they are nowhere near the same size. Both are now at 205. Neither had the best conditioning or training camps either. They didn’t train all aspects of the game like brock. Biggest dig on the Hammer House.

I like that match-up, as I would Carwin .vs Fedor, because I don’t believe we’ve seen that type of match-up yet.

[quote]drewh wrote:
Holy Shit he almost got taken down but ended up dominating the fight against a SILVER medalist in GRECO ROMAN wrestling.[/quote]

Wonder what would happen in cage (can’t grab the ropes) against a pretty good wrestler that weight 100lbs more and is probably twice as strong?

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
He can’t do this against Fedor^

Give him another year…BUT you have to think about what can possibly happen in that year. Will he still be champ??

He would have been tagged at least a couple of times by fedor. He should have shot or clinched right away if he didn’t want to strike. He did a pretty good job of staying out of range, but it wasn’t by much. Just my non-practitioning opinion.