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Fedor and Barnett


I wanna see Fedor fight someone who's at the top of their game like lesnar. Barnett is a sloppy has-been who will most likely get pummelled. Fedor won't fight in the UFC because he considers the ownership to be a bunch of douchebag meatballs like I do. Fedor has proved time and again that he can kick the ass of all the UFC's champs. A fight between Mir and Fedor would actually be pretty damn good too. If I were Frank Mir, I'd leave UFC after my contract was up just so I can fight Fedor. Both fighters are versatile and unpredictable.


Lesnar is not at the top of his game. If you feel that his current skill set is at its peak....you must not have much faith in him. Plain and simple. A "sloppy" Barnett is more of a threat to Fedor than Lesnar. There is no way Lesnar has anything for Fedor at this point.


Agreed that Lesnar is not at the top of his game, but he has plenty to offer in a fight with fedor. Barnett is one of my favorite fighters but he is not a good match-up for Fedor. Josh's strenghts are Fedor's strengths. He is not going to outstrike Fedor and he is not going to dominate him on the ground even if he happened to get him there.

Lesnar has a completly different style, which makes for a much better match-up even now.

KO power if he did connect.
Untested chin, but one can assume it might be pretty solid. Thick neck and small chin.
Better wrestling than Fedor.
Bigger and stronger than Fedor.

I wouldn't put money on Lesnar in a fight with Fedor, but I do believe he offers a better match-up than just about any other HW even at this stage in his career.

Match-ups for Fedor that I think are the most interesting:

1A) Lesnar
1B) Carwin
2) Overeem
3) Randy
4) Mir
5A) Monson
5B) Barnett
6) anybody else

Not my HW rankings, just how I beleive they would match-up with Fedor.


You make good points. However,Lesnar hasn't found his style,per say. This in itself would make him one-dimensional against Fedor(maybe not anyone else). A one-dimensional fighter will not beat Fedor. Lesnar will not offer anything Fedor hasn't dealt with..maybe other than Lesnar's pure size and agility for his size. But Fedor is still more agile and adapt at transitions.

Fedor's transition game is 80% of what he kills opponents with. His Sambo skills/balance alone have proven to negate great wrestling skills of others. Also,don't forget to factor in whether they are in a cage or a ring. This a small but important thing to consider as well.

What I say is diffinitely not "the truth" but it at least gives a perspective of how Barnett looks as being more of a threat for Fedor. Like you said,not a good match-up..but with his skillset..its a not illogical. He might even make it to the 2nd round...lol.


Go back to sherdog. This thread is just too stupid for words.


yep. and this would be Brock's biggest problem with Fedor. Not enough mat time to deal with mma transitions.

I don't know about this. I would have to go back and watch, but I seem to remember Babalu having some sucess taking him down. Lindland would have gotten him down if Fedor wouldn't have held on to the ropes.

I would say this is huge. Brock should have the advantage in the clinch with a cage.

Barnett should put on a good fight. If it does go to the ground it is certainly conceivable that he could pull off a submission, but that's probably the only way he wins. If you watch the Barnett Monson fight you will see some really high level grappling, but that was against someone that wanted to grapple. Fedor would probably look for submission but would more than likely try and get it back standing after an attempt or two.

Problem with Barnett is that he is not significantly better than fedor at anything. Strength, speed, grappling, takedowns, striking, clinch. Barnett vs. Mir is fight I would definately pay to see. I think that would be a pretty even match-up.

If someone is going to pose a threat, or even offer an interesting match-up, to fedor they have hold an advantage in at least a couple areas. Strenght, Size, Clinch work, and TDs are probably the easiest to best him at.

This is oversimplifing it bit, but as an example I would contend that the order of interesting match-ups would look something like this:

A level wrestler vs. A level striker
B level wrestler vs. B level striker
B level wrestler vs. A level striker
A level wrestler vs. B level striker
A level wrestler vs. B level wrestler
A level striker vs. B level striker

If we assume that the wrestlers are all C level strikers and the strikers are all C level wrestlers, the exiting match-ups are the ones with contrasting styles. Do we really need to see an A level wrestler against a B level wrestler or the A level striker against the B level striker? I think this is primary reason early MMA fights were so exciting. The level of competition wasn't as good but the fights are still fun to watch becase of the contrast in style.

In most respects Barnett or Mir are B level versions of Fedor. Lesnar, Carwin, Overeem, Randy, and maybe even velasquez have a different skill set. I think this is the primary reason I am more excited to see Lesnar .vs Mir than Fedor .vs Barrnett.

Pretty fun to think about different match-ups.


Fedor is still the #1 HW in the world. I don't think no one can still currently take him.


pretty damn good analysis there dhickey


Sorry. I can't keep up with you guys. I need to go to MMA college so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about. Maybe then I can talk about some unknown fighters that only the "experts" would know about.


Let me try and understand what you're saying -

You want to see Fedor fight someone at the top of their game? So you are saying that Frank Mir is at the top of his game? The same Mir who got TKO'd the other day?

Also, Barnett is a sloppy has-been?? Explain.


Hickey... I could argue with most of what you're saying, as sports talk is all speculation and opinions with few facts thrown in to spare, but instead I'll just get to the point. I don't think Lesnar has a great chin. He took a knee against Mir, and Randy that made him rethink standing up. Both times he was quoted as saying he saw "tweety birds". I think he could get tko'd pretty easily, as he doesn't seem to want to take any punishment.

Also while there have been countless opponents who have taken Fedor to the ground, not many could do much to him once there. I think Fedor is the best heavyweight right now, but everyone gets beat, just a matter of time.


As good a fight as Fedor vs Brock would be, Fedor is still giving up 30lbs(he's roughly the same size as Mir). That's a LOT of weight. Fedor would have to at the top of his game that night and really work to figure out to negate Brock's size.

Would be an awesome fight, sort of a skilled vs natural athlete type match up.


Fedor will never get beat. He will still be competing with the top heavy weights in the world when he is 85 years old and eating them for breakfast. We're talking about Fedor here, come on!


I think you're right on. Fedor walks into the ring around 230..Brock 265+. Can we all agree Brock is MUCH stronger? I think Brock also showed the awarness and patience to NOT give up an arm or leg for a sub against Mir.

Fedor has a punchers chance to beat Brock. If they fought right now I'd bet the house of Lesnar. If this fight DOES happen its at least a year away...another year for Brock to get better and Fedor to get older...


You think Fedor can reverse that opening position against Lesnar? No fucking way.


Lesnar's stand-up and footwork would get him killed against Fedor....plain and simple. Fedor is not going to stay on his outside...he's going to stay on Brock's ass. Even against Couture and Mir(2).......when they pressed the action on Lesnar and started catching him with shots...he froze up like "WTF do I do?". Fedor will not let him get away with that.


Holy Shit he almost got taken down but ended up dominating the fight against a SILVER medalist in GRECO ROMAN wrestling.


Yeah Brock will get destoryed in standup and Fedor will just need him to make one mistake to finish the fight. Anyone notice when Brock turned his back against Mir when he was getting hit? That is all it would take for Fedor.


He can't do this against Fedor^

Give him another year..BUT you have to think about what can possibly happen in that year. Will he still be champ??


What? Dodge, give ground, not get hit..and score a take down?