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Federer Surpasses Sampras


What a match by Mr. Federer today against Andy Roddick. One of the best matches I've ever seen. Mr. Federer is a class act and he deserves all his success.


i think andy deserved it.


Yeah, I like Andy better myself, but gotta give props to the fed.


The last set was a good one 16-14, it seemed like Andy would have won it, but fell short at the end. Even though I don't watch much tennis, this was a great match.

Andy deserved it, how he never won any wimbledon titles, I thought this was his time.


That was bloody LONG!



I should have been more clear, I guess. I meant that Mr. Federer's behavior off the court and his sportsmanship on the court make his success so easy to swallow.

Roddick played a wonderful match, but the only person who "deserves" to win any particular athletic event is the person who wins. Great players come up big when they must (e.g. the second set tie-break in which Federer faced four set points). It matters not how well the loser plays; the winner always (barring a horrendous call by an umpire) plays the best by definition.


Didn't notice this when I started my thread, but I'll post what I said there.

This has to be one of the most exciting matches I've ever seen. It wasn't as good as last years Wimbledon final, but it was a classic in it's own right.

What was really great was that Federer's only break won him the match. The entire time I was watching that last set I kept thinking, the fact that there's no tiebreak in the last set meant Roddick had the upper hand since Federer couldn't win when Roddick served first. Great match played by both sides.

And this has got to be good for Federer's psychological game. He had a similarly hard match last year and lost, and it seemed to have a negative effect on his mojo. Now that he's finally won the French, and he's won a tough match in the Wimbledon Final, it'll be interesting to see how a Final's match with Nadal would turn out in the U.S. Open.

Congratulations to Roger, and great job to Andy!


i still think andy deserved to win he played better tennis til the end i think he just lost his nerve when it came to stepping up and taking the win, this was probly his last chance to win a grand slam.


I'm not trying to be difficult here, but I just don't understand how someone who couldn't "step up" and "take the win" could possibly deserve a victory. Mr. Federer is such a great champion precisely because he comes up with immortal tennis at the most important moments.

Anyways, I'm glad there are fellow tennis enthusiasts at T-Nation. This was a beautiful match to watch.


Neither deserved to win more then the other. They both played an amazing game, and fought hard for every single point. I always root for Federer, but I wouldn't of minded seeing Roddick win.

Federer pulled through big time in the 2nd set tie break, which was amazing, but Roddick did a really good job at saving every single break point against him. Still...in the last set it was only a matter of time before Federer broke through his serve.


In a do or die situation the fittest survives.

Outstanding match.
Roger is a remarkable gentleman, as well.
Poor Andy. You could see the emotion in his eyes. As if to say; I almost had it, what happened?

Roger Federer happened.

And can you believe Martina Lavratinova is still winning championship titles at Wimbledon?

She cannot be serious...


Two of the worlds classiest athletes by a long long way.

Fantastic match.


I would have loved to see Roddick win the match. It gets a little old when the same guy keeps constantly winning.


Roger is the man! Back to back epic Wimbledon finals. He played phenomenal tennis. At the point in time, I thought the turning point in the match was in the second set, Roddick up 4-2 and 40-15 when Roger forces Deuce, wins the game, and the set. At that point, I knew Roger had it in the bag. The last set was epic, as neither guy was breaking serve, but Roger finally pulled through.

Props to Andy Roddick though. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't beat Federer. The dejection on his face was tough to see, as there is no worse feeling than losing. Roger must feel the same way when Rafa beat him for the French three years in a row before finally breaking through.

Congrats Roger, you earned it, but no one deserved to lose.


if nadal was playing rodge would of lost wimbledon again. IMO


Kerley, T-Nation's official Roger Federer detractor.

Nadal v. Federer: 13-7
On Clay: 9-2
On other surfaces: 4-5

The win-loss tally of the rivalry is skewed due to the fact that Mr. Nadal has been relatively inconsistent on hardcourts. If he had faced Federer more frequently on that surface, particularly in the early years of the rivalry, the numbers would likely be much more even.

I will be the first person to admit that Mr. Federer is on the backend of his career. However, he is still very capable of beating Rafael Nadal. In fact, he has done so this year, on clay even (at Madrid). And, as we saw at the French Open, Rafael Nadal is very capable of losing before he reaches the finals of tournaments (or the semifinals for that matter-- whilst Federer has reached the last 21 grand slam semi-finals, a feat I doubt anyone will ever surpass). Andy Roddick might very well have beaten Mr. Nadal at Wimbledon had they played each other.

It boggles my mind when people denigrate the accomplishments of world-class athletes. Federer won, I made this thread to congratulate him, let's not play speculative parlor games.