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Federal Law Enforcement Training


My question concerns training for law enforcement. I need to be able to lift my 1rm, run 1.5 miles for time, the illinois shuttle run, flexibility and body fat test. What's the best training combination that will allow me to maximize all five? I currently need the most help with the flexibility, seeing as if I took the test today, I would get 90's in everything but the flexibility. Any help would be appreciated.


For flexibility, you need to first start stretching. It can be done as you sit and watch TV, or just lounging.

I have been into martial arts for the past 17 years, and stretching is a very key factor. You could also try bike riding...you want to mainly address those hamstrings and quadriceps. Stand straight up, and try and touch your toes everyday. You should stretch to the point where you're able to place your hand on the floor flat.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!


lots of dynamic warm up drills working on dynamic flexibility...after workouts static stretching, as well with partner assisted PNF stretching...if its the sit and reach like most LE tests, its all about the hams and lower back, which PNF hamstring stretching will help


Bench heavy, squat heavy, and pull heavy. All through full ranges of motion. Practice the drills you will be tested in. It's like having the questions to the test, you know what they want now practice it. My wife is a Special Agent with the Secret Service and she scored a 500/500 in the physical assessment at FLETC in Glynco, GA during her training while doing exactly the above. She looks small but packs a powerful punch. In addition, she scored a 297/300 with the .357, shotgun, and MP5; so if she can't beat you she will kill you with a fine selection of weapons.

Good luck with the training, stay safe on the job, and enjoy the road to a GS-13, even though that GS 7/9 pay sucks.


i have a tip for you: if youre attempting to get into federal law enforcement, a lot of which deals with covert ops, dont go to an internet forum and post about it. with the things people can do with computers posting about that shit could blow your fucking cover before youre even under cover. think about it


First of all, don't listen to dez, who obviously knows nothing of which he speaks. It's federal law enforcement, not 24.

Secondly, welcome to the fraternity. Heading down to FLETC? Believe me, the shitty food, ugly chicks, and sand fleas are much worse than the physical stuff. I know...I've been through twice, and very little of it involves fond memories.

For the most part, bulk ain't gonna do you a bit of good. Work on your upper body so you can max the BP, but even at that you score the most points at something like 1.5 times bodyweight. You don't need to be Anthony Clarke to get your points there.

Other than that, work on the specific events, particularly the shuttle run. I'd include a little more aerobic stuff, too, since besides the 1.5 mile run they're gonna have you running in the heat almost every day.

For the flexibility, we found that using partner drills help. Assume the position, go to max stretch, then have a partner g-e-n-t-l-y push you a bit beyond your range. Relax into the stretch. Rinse and repeat.

Another thing is don't max out your first time through the test. The instructors like to see improvement, so don't blow your load.

p.s. Another point, regarding academics. "71, badge and gun." All you need to do is pass. I was distinguished grad/valedictorian on my two times through, and it's all forgotten by the time you drive off the base. Relax, pass the courses, but have fun.


I agree with the other posters. Do some PNF strecthing. Try wrapping a towel around your feet and pulling yourself toward your feet.

I have been to FLETC three times, I would not worry about the bench at all. They make you test on their machine which is much easier then free weights.

Do pushups, situps, pullups, jumping jacks and you will be fine. Be able to run a few miles and you will be fine.

Feel free to PM me if you have more specific questions.

The covert ops thing posted earlier is funny.

good luck


The covert ops thing is hilarious.


Thanks for the insight. I think the flex will come, it just takes some time. I did like the 'covert ops' post. If my cover gets blown, at least i know who to go and kill. LOL. Thanks for the advice, i'll keep training hard. One more thing, i heard that '71 badge and a gun" quote before, but i'd like to think that anyone interested in federal law enforcement wants to be the best, not good enough. I guess i will see when i head to fletc next month.