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Fed Up with TRT Doc

52 years old, been on TRT for one year. Started out with 240 T, able to have erections, but no libido, penis numb. Started me on 100 mg test cyp every week. Didn’t feel much, bumped to 150 after 6 months. Was feeling better on higher dose. Highest I got was 740. Now having BPH symptoms. Saw doc today, wants me to stop injections, see my primary care doc. Once bph is under control, wants me to go back to 100 mg weekly. Asked about estradiol, dht. Doc said we have alot of bodybuilders coming in looking for breast cancer drugs, meaning arimidex. Doc said if estrogen is high, they will reduce test dosage. I asked for E2 bloodwork, and they used the wrong code for labcorp…idiots!!! I’m pretty sure pcp will refer me to urologist.

Once bph is under control, I will be looking for new doc who knows what they are doing. Same old story, I guess. Frustrating as hell, though. Doc said higher estrogen would not cause bph. Really??? I am only looking to boost libido, if gains in muscle occur, fine. I think if most docs see you muscular, right away they think you are looking for supraphysiological levels. I just want to feel horny again. Appt. with pcp is 12/3. I have a feeling bph will improve by then, but will stay off test until symptoms improve.

Any thoughts, suggestions are appreciated.

same crap i got from my initial try. “well if your estrogen is high that means we are giving you too much testosterone”…bullshit, it can mean alot of things , one of which is too much testosterone but if you are well within range then THATS NOT IT! i know it sucks…you need to research who is handling male hrt in your area as their specialty…your primary is just gonna piss you off even more…best of luck

Same here, the initial stages of TRT are a bitch. Once it levels out you will love life. Just use the test and find a UG source for the adex.

Recommendations for blood pressure: Did you have any blood pressure issues before? I’d recommend some co enzyme Q10, magnesium at night and lay off stimulants. Keep up some form of cardiovascular exercise. Otherwise just eat right and get plenty of quality vege and fats (read fish oil).

Just do your best to keep BP in check while on and like morepain said, find a specialist. And just as a question for my self not a suggestion, have you tried Alpha Male? Just curious. And i’m sure you could use RevZ while on.