Fed Up With Dirty Gyms

i’m pissed right now because i just found out i have multiple cases of ringworm on my body. a couple years back i had a wart growing out of my palm. i can definitely trace these incidents to dirty gyms and it pisses me off.

has anyone else had a problem with unsanitary gyms?

Nope. Never even heard of an incident.

No problems here either. My gym actually stepped it up and started providing sanitizing wipes not long ago.

Never heard of those issues at a gym. Try washing your hands after you lift.

How can you definately trace these back to dirty gyms? Im not saying its not from them, however I doubt that you can be that sure.
Ive had a rather severe case of athletes foot in the past that I felt came from a gym where I trained. Wearing a cheap pair of flip flops solved that problem.

Nope. My gym is always wiping and mopping everything. It’s probably more germ-free than my house.

Try cleaning your toilets at least twice a year; that should help.

Nope. Try not showering or going barefoot at the gym… washing your hands also helps.

Where is the ringworm at on your body? Try not wearing sleevless shirts if you wear them and wear sweatpants (or some kind of comfortable workout pants, as opposed to shorts).

This thread reminded me of a good post from the best of Craigslist.