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F'ed Up Injections?


so i have two problems....

  1. my right a$$ cheek has got this weird heart shaped swelling it is really hard, doesnt hurt to touch or to sit on and was noticed by my girlfriend(she injects me)she is a cna..

  2. today she put it in my left cheek and was painful when entering then it was wierd i felt every bit of juice being pushed in... i normally cant tell. then upon exit i was bleeding profusely... she aspirated and i could def. feel it so i know i didnt hit a vein. maybe went through one but wasnt in it.
    i use a 22 guage 1 1/2 inch needle shootin tren 75mg and test 250 mg tren is eod and test e is e6d. im obviously still alive but just curious to what the problem was so i can maybe try avoiding it. this is my first cycle.


22 gauge is used by many members here, but I prefer 25s. The 25s make excess bleeding less of an issue due to the smaller exit hole. Your preparations are not heavily dosed (oil isn't super saturated) so 25 gauge pins will pull it out of the vial easily, or you can draw with the 22s and pin with the 25s.

Try massaging the area for about 30-60 seconds post injection to prevent the hardening. Like to mention the importance of sterile injecting as well. Inject after a shower, along with alcohol swabbing of the area pre-injection. Sounds very common sense, but I know many people that do not use these precautions. Also for the already irritated spot, try appling heat to the area.

I think everyone here has had injection troubles at one point or another...welcome to the club:)



How often do you rotate the injection sites?


i am cautious and take all precautionary actions when injecting. lol as for heat havent tried that maybe i will do that.. icy hot good enough? or actual heat better? and i understand everyone has troubles i knew that was part of the package just trying to minimize it as much as possible ya know?


i switch from cheek to cheek every other day and when i throw test in on the 6th day it is always in the opposite cheek
day 1 test tren (left cheek)
day 3 tren (right cheek)
day 5 tren (left cheek
day 7 test tren (right cheek)

does that make sense? that is why i do every 6 days instead of 7 so it kinda pans out nicer and i can eliminate one injection a week and on top that more frequent it may be only a day less but hey a day adds up after 2 or 3 months


If you are a competitive BB, then you will notice a difference with daily injections over EOD (when in or near stage shape).


You know there are other injection sites besides your Glutes, correct?


I had big problem with ingection site soreness at the begining of my last cycle,The gear I was using was full of solvents and I injected 2ml of it into my left thigh and two days later I could barely walk.It was like that for about ten days,I couldnt bend down which meant I couldnt squat.I started diluting it with grape seed oil and it went away.

Heat works wonders, Put a heating pad on the site then masage it out.I would also suggest using more sites then just your glutes, Guads are good.


I'm assuming you're using tren ace and test E or test cyp. Either way, many people say they minimize sides from tren by shooting ED rather than EOD. You should also be shooting test E3D or so, assuming it's Test-E or cyp.

You also need to use more injection sites than just your glutes. Glute, ventroglute, delt, thigh, etc.

Edit: holy posts appearing while I posted batman.


you assummed correctly. so i will split the dose in two and do it twice e6days for the test e tren i would rather keep it eod just cause i hate that frequent of injections. i prefer not to shoot anywhere else then my glutes cause alls i have is 1 1/2 inch pins and i would rather save the money and not buy more... i know i know there only 25 cents each. but i am a cheap ass and its my first cycle and i started it this way and its working fine for me already gained 7 pounds in the first two weeks. got 6 more to go! thanks for all the advice everyone greatly appreciated and yes i do bodybuild got the oregon ironman i am going to compete in this coming year trying to compete in light heavy


The neck is best.


There are okay ways of doing things, and optimal ways of doing things. You're clearly okay with the former.

PS, you can shoot ventroglute and deltoids with 1.5inch pins.

What's your PCT?


i ordered 100 1 inch pins today for £8!


nolva 40 20 20 20 from my understanding anthony roberts says clomid is shitty and nolva protects best against gyno so he says 20mg is good enough so i figure better be safe then sorry and stack 40 for the first week. will start 1 week after last injection thats good right?


fu** that you mean the trap cause that just seems crazy too close to spine.. ill pass i just find glute injection easiest. i might start pinnning ventro glute but i look at demonstrations and it just seems like there is a really tiny window range and i dont like tiny window ranges... not with my girl pinning me lol




Check it out man

I don't know about everyone else on here, but I think you will start to have problems if you don't find some other sites. I like to give myself AT LEAST 6 days rest in between injecting into the same site. Preferably a whole week. Start going into your shoulders, get some 25g 5/8 inch. You will be a lot happier. Seriously, you need to give your sites more rest than 4 days. BTW, I hope your real name is not 'ryan w,' talking about using illegal drugs and stating your locating. I am local, and probably will see you at the local gyms here and see you on stage... (i am not competing)


Anthony Roberts? 40/20/20/20? Do 40/40/20/20. Also, if you're using test E, you'll start your PCT about two weeks after your last shot. Check out roidcalc.com to see a layout of your androgen levels. Or, in your case, your 'high peaks and deep troughs' of androgens in your body.


Read this. Twice.


Why don't more people suggest Quads?

I only ever do Quads, Glute is literally a pain in the butt - I can't bend that way so easy.


thats what your girlfriend is for