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FED Press Conference


Anyone else watching and watching the price of gold/silver rising the longer he talks?


He still isn't able to see his printing of money is the direct result of oil prices rising.


To summerize what he has said so far, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


You mean oil prices are rising as a direct result of him printing money. :slight_smile:


I can't watch, hopefully I can catch a replay later tonight.


Yes, sorry my rage meter has hit 11 listening to this asshole.


He talks about oil prices stabalizing while crude oil has gone up 78 cents today.

Well he stopped talking about oil prices so now it is down to only 56 cent increase.


Now the circle jerk has begun.


It is over now. Results. Silver up 2.41 cents. Gold hit 1526. My desire to burn the fed to the ground has now reached unprecedented levels.


Is the inflation going to help get housing values up (relative to dollars?)

The problem I have with gold is that it doesn't seem to be a good investment over say 40 years. I can't find a 25 year period where it matches the net growth of stocks. So if I buy it, when do I know when to get rid of it?


When they say that they are going to have a massive contraction in the money supply then go for it. You will not find any time in our history where the money supply has gone up like this. If you look at history the nations that have done what we did only end one way.


It's definitely no coincidence that gold hit a new record on the same day as this conference.... incredible.


Today I came home from work and turned on BNN; I saw that gold was up 11 dollars and was like " holy shit, that's quite the move" than I put it together and remembered that the fed conference was today...


113+ crude oil now


He is lying.