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Fed Ex for Canadians


Do us Canadians get some love with free Fed Ex delivery.


You'll have to check with Customer Service on that one:

Biotest Toll Free:


Not according to my recent order. Wish me luck with Customs.


We miss out on free freight here in Hawaii too. Please consider offering the Postal Service Priority mail alternative. Down with FedEx extortion!


Zan, keep us posted on your luck with customs, and good luck.


Hey Zan,

Good luck with customs, i've had a few orders sent to BC, to Vancouver and Victoria both with no problems as of yet.


Curious to know, has anybody from ONtario ordered through Biotest before? If so, did you have any problems at the border. I am interested in taking advantage of the current biotest sale, and am just concerned it might cause a problem at the ONtario border. Thanks to all who reply.


Forgot to add to my last post....since I've just moved back to Toronto, and am in need of some protein powder ASAP (like yesterday), does anybody know of a supplement shop that sells good stuff cheap?
Because I'm short on cash right now, I won't be able to place my Biotest order until the end of the month (just before the sale is over) and so, in the meantime, I need to find some whey powder until my Biotest order comes through. I don't want to go to the big chains, and if anybody knows of a good place in T.O., please feel free to let me know. Thanks very much. Appreciate the help.


The shipping will just destroy you.


Lorne, I've used Proteins+ (by the makers of Greens+), and it's pretty good stuff. It should be avaliable anywhere, I get mine at the local grocery store.