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Fed Ex delivery

If I order tomorrow will I get on Saturday?

Check with customer service:

Biotest Toll Free:



Do you know the answer to my ‘Mag 10 box’ post?


But if you look at a MAG-10 capsule, you’ll see the liquid delivery system in there. It’s kinda purty.

Remember, this was much more involved than just squirting MAG-10 into capsules. Read the articles in issues 272 and 273 if you haven’t yet. There’s some detailed info on the microemulsion technology there.

I agree the word “Liquid” on there may throw some people off.

I’ll post this on your other thread too.

RSU, I ordered mine last night some time and it was here when I got home from work today at 5. My bro said “dude that’s amazing.” I agree. Good deal.