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February 11 Article about Basketball and Football Testimonial

In the article he has a two day template. Squat/bench and deadlift /incline. Is this a typo or does he actually mean incline press and not the military press? Is this a modification that Jim would approve on?

For a sport coach with years of experience and HUNDREDS of atheles coached - yes. For everyone else, no - unless there is an injury.

Hunter13, I went with inclines for a few reasons. The kids were in-season and I didn’t want to introduce a new lift. None had ever done OHP’s on a consistent basis, but they were all used to inclines. I don’t remember where I read it, but I like the approach of not adding a new exercise in-season. Another reason was equipment and space. The weight room is small with one squat rack. The squat rack is usually busy and there isn’t enough floor space to clean the weight up when other groups are pulling. We have two fixed incline benches. I’d rather have OHP’s, but inclines were more efficient.

We’ve since tested and the kids have all drastically increased their maxes, are faster and are jumping higher and farther.