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Feb '19 Photo/Video Check-In



Did that work ?!
I’ve gained about 7 lbs and I feel fantasticoo.
I’m getting stronger, I’m never hungry , and most of it isn’t turning into fat, yay.

No jinxing !! :hugs:


@Spock81, you are just fucking ROCKING this. I mentioned @debraD in another thread and for whatever reason checked to see if she’s been active, and came across her very first training log post. So cool, reading her first steps and knowing how far she got.

I also looked back to see when I last posted in a Check-In thread and it was a year ago. I meant to do much better than I have. In fact, I’m probably at my very worst at the moment. I just cannot seem to get moving in the mornings, even when I wake up on schedule. I need to figure my shit out, this is not like me and not acceptable to me. By God.


The Wifey and I the day after we got married last week in Vegas


looking super hot as always!

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From a couple of. Days ago. 4 weeks out from men’s physique competition. 12 weeks into a 16 week cut.
image image


Here’s one of the wife and me on NYE. Don’t know why we’re wearing fur hats though. I’m guesssing it had something to do with the queso and whisky!image


Well the rest of us can just quit now…:rofl:

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Nah! Just gotta be a little better tomorrow than you are today. :+1::muscle::+1:


Thanks :blush::blush:

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Pretty impressive but your legs are way out of proportion!

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Results of my ongoing mass phase. Currently 4 months in

Strength skyrocketing and I think I’ve built a decent amount of muscle over the last months


If you saw a bodybuilder doing a rear double bicep from the side of front they are arching their back and leaning back/ rolling everything backwards. Take a photo trying to mimic that and your biceps will pop


Thanks for the tip mate, I don’t have a great deal of external rotation in my shoulders so although I feel I’m doing it I don’t think I actually am! but that is something I’ve been working on.

I’ve added good size to my biceps recently but it’s all been thickness, think I may need to concentrated on the long head a little more with drag and incline curls and a closer grip barbell curls.

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I’ve got something to contribute this time around:

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I didn’t see this thread before. Here’s my progress pic from 10 days ago from the t-ransformation 2019 thread.

Started the year at 204#, that pic was at about 190, I’m down around 187 now.