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Feb '19 Photo/Video Check-In

This is an idea to improve the forum community, but this thread absolutely does not reflect any type of “official” T-Nation site membership requirement. It’s an idea that’s been percolating for a while, and I’m just some dude on the forum (okay, maybe that’s not so accurate anymore) who figured I’d start a thread about it.

It’s a check-in, not a call-out. The idea is to improve the sense of community and remind us all that, no matter what we post about here and what initially brought us to the site, the one common trait that every forum member should have is a consistent drive to attack our training and see results, period.

I’m asking for all forum members to post a current snapshot of themselves. And let’s try not to get too distracted or off-topic with critiques of what gets posted. There should end up being more posts with images attached, than not.

If your goals are physique-based - you want to get bigger or get leaner or get bigger and leaner - toss up a current pic.

If your goals are performance-based - the powerlifter, the fighter, the Olympic lifter, etc. - you’re not excused. You’re invited to post a short video clip from a recent training session.

I’m just asking you to participate and play a role in improving the quality of the forum as a whole by reinforcing the idea that T-Nation members know how to do more than just rack up high post counts in the non-training-related sections of the site.

Concerned about staying anonymous? Sites like pixlr are free Photoshop-like websites that make it ridiculously simple to edit/blur/obscure your face, identifying tattoos, birthmarks, background detail, or anything else that might threaten your anonymity.

So, no excuses.

Previous check-in: August 2018

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I’m on the tail end of a gnarly cold, will put something up when I’ve been running on more than Dayquil, green tea, and Matzo ball soup.

Since August of 2018. Well, I went from 212 to about 185 (at 194 right now). No recent pics, though.

Here’s some sweet appendix removal pics from early December.

New Viking Press toy

Here’s my big ass jumping on a 32" box


Been sick for a good week now. First day back in the gym in a week. Pretty bad pic but better than nothing. Weighing in at 240. Lost 10lbs from not eating lol.


Well update… Since I phased in some more light conditioning and reapplied my go to eating approach i am seeing a improvement in body comp.
Also regaining some strength back from my youth especially in my favorite pressing movement.

No current pics of myself but one of my two unofficial members of our community.



Took some sweet bathroom pics, lol


Aftermath of wife shredding some adhesions.
Also, 6 lbs. down since January. Goofy pic, but I was digging the scapular mobility.


Do you know why you got the third incision? I only got the navel and lower incisions.

Ive been a little quiet in the forums lately, however ive been following deepwater and a diet with zero carbs
Still tracking the elusive 150kg weight, however I may be forced soon to postpone my mass gaining endevours as I no longer fit the suit Ive purchased for my wedding this year :rofl:


This is me and my 6 week premature grandson, he’s a dude.


Here’s me and my 23 year old son on Sunday who thinks, for some strange reason, he is bigger than me. He’s just under 6ft, no matter how much he wishes otherwise. I’ve just come out of my home gym.


I wont be doing any bathroom shots as I’m not a homo. usmccds423 knows who I’m talking about…

only messing about pal.


Really? I have no idea. Mine was done laparoscopically (I assume yours was too). I just thought that’s how it was done.

Side note, I’d never been under before. That was a crazy experience. It felt like it was over instantaneously.

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Biceps still disappear from behind but back is growing nicely.


About 5 days post LASIK and the doc told me no heavy lifting for 2 weeks, so my brain heard “Only conditioning work for 2 weeks” and I went “Oh ok” and did this today

If you don’t want to watch 7.5 minutes of me breathing hard (and if you want to listen to it it’s 4.99 for the first minute and .95 for each additional minute, adults only), it’s 1 power clean with 168lbs, then 10 pull ups, then 2 cleans and 9 pull ups, etc. Made it to 7 reps on the clean before I had to tap out.



Taken last weekend - still hovering around 230 lbs. 55YO
this was taken as soon as i got back from the gym, it was a chest/tri’s day. Some guys ask me if the measurement was taken cold…nah - why would anyone do that???

Thanks to @countingbeans. Guns were stuck at 17", and he suggested that if i hit my tri’s more, than 18" would be within reach - he was right…imagine that!!


Not sure if my house hit a sinkhole or the phone was tilted. Either way, down a pound from January so, no real change.

Shoulder’s feeling 90% better, will be starting AM bike work soon.


275x20. This is from December, but I don’t get a lot of lifting videos, so this is the most recent.

Accidentally did about a 12 lbs cut in like 3 weeks. Personal life got out of hand, and I had a string of days getting 1000 calories or so. Like one meal or less. Anyway. This is the result, and where I’m starting my rebuild, as my appetite has returned.



Lean as fuck!

I hope you get that stress managed.


Sounds like a good idea, I’ll throw something up over the weekend. Asking the wife to take some shots on V-Day for me to send to someone other than her…potentially not the wisest move :expressionless: