Feb '17 Photo/Video Check-In

This is an idea to improve the forum community, but this thread absolutely does not reflect any type of “official” T-Nation site membership requirement. It’s an idea that’s been percolating for a while, and I’m just some schmoe on the forum (okay, maybe that’s not so accurate anymore) who figured I’d start a thread about it.

It’s a check-in, not a call-out. The idea is to improve the sense of community and remind us all that, no matter what we post about here and what initially brought us to the site, the one common trait that every forum member should have is a consistent drive to attack our training and see results, period.

I’m asking for all forum members to post a current snapshot of themselves. And let’s try not to get too distracted or off-topic with critiques of what gets posted. There should end up being more posts with images attached, than not.

If your goals are physique-based - you want to get bigger or get leaner or get bigger and leaner - toss up a current pic.

If your goals are performance-based - the powerlifter, the fighter, the Olympic lifter, etc. - you’re not excused. You’re invited to post a short video clip from a recent training session.

I’m just asking you to participate and play a role in improving the quality of the forum as a whole by reinforcing the idea that T-Nation members know how to do more than just rack up high post counts in the non-training-related sections of the site.

Concerned about staying anonymous? Sites like pixlr and fotoflexer are free Photoshop-like websites that make it ridiculously simple to edit/blur/obscure your face, identifying tattoos, birthmarks, background detail, or anything else that might threaten your anonymity.

So, no excuses.

Previous check-in: August 2016

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Currently doing the T-ransformation challenge.

In the last 4 weeks, I dropped one pound (214 left, 213 right) but did bring the waist in a bit. Will continue on to finish the challenge in June.


I’ve started my “T-Ransformation” but I’m just back from holiday and I haven’t made any progress yet!

This picture is from 2 weeks ago - deadlift PR of 205kg (450lbs) at a bodyweight of 98.7kg (218lbs). My goals for the next 6 months are to gradually get stronger while dropping fat - I’m aiming for a 220kg deadlift at 92kg bodyweight in July, and I’d really like to get a 227.5kg (500lb) deadlift by the end of the year.


Here’s a recent workout video of me deadlifting 445 + 90 pounds of chain weight:

I’ve been working my way through a cycle using deadlifts + chains as an ME movement, planning to test my 1RM sometime this summer, looking for something in the mid-500’s (at least 545), with a longer-term goal of 600 by the end of this year.


Ha! Not sure what just happened but I thought I uploaded my pic. I sure don’t see it anywhere tho, lol. If I end up having any luck this will be my post that goes with it. I’m currently in the middle of a lean bulk but have a bit of mostly midsection bf I’m going to be looking forward to loosing once I start my spring/summer '17 cut. Once I strip down I figure that my pecs will stand out better where they meet the top of my abs. Hope to see more vascularity as well, which generally comes with me having lower bf%. Thanks for being patient with this computer (not so savvy) guy. lol.


Been a good section of my training recently. Past 2 weeks I’ve managed the following

8x196 on axle strict press

475+chains on the safety squat bar squat

And a super smooth 615lb deadlift

And this is a month old photo, but it’s about where I’m hanging out these days.


Posting my update 2/28 :joy:

Excuse the blinding tan. Taken in December…

Look nothing like this now however as I have taken up running and now resemble Skeletor’s ballsack.


Forecasts predict 2017 being a very lean year.

Doing the challenge thing like a lot of people here and making good physique progress. I’ll officially enter mid 30’s this year and I want to be in my best shape ever. I did the same thing turning 30 and now I need to beat that.


I squatted 210 !! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

So close to my 10yr goal of two plates :stuck_out_tongue:

Soon soon soon!!!


Oh puhleeze. You are already there. You just have to put it on the bar and do it. Go for it one day when you’re feeling full of piss and vinegar. I think I’ve watched all of your videos. If you can pause squat 200 with the ease I’ve witnessed, 225 isn’t a problem. Just go do it.


Training Wednesday night. 285. It’s just over a month since my last meet and I’m prepping for my next one the end of April. It’s early stages and I’m still recovering from the last one. The older I get and the more meets I’ve done, recovery takes a while, particularly deadlift.


:joy: You’re probably right. I have a good feelin’ ima be full of that piss and vinegar in about 4 months on a sunday when I’m wearing the chosen pants… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nothing too exciting - really just focused on maintenance. I’ve added a bit more cardio so my weight is slowly dropping. Theimportant thing for me was to find a form I enjoy doing which has turned out to be cycling. I ride to work every day (about 20 miles round trip) sorta killing two birds with one stone and saving money (and the planet! Or something). Just turned 40 and hoping I can lose my motherf*cking love handles someday before I die - goals.

Lifting has been pretty simple - exclusively deadlift (495X3), bench press (275X10), OHP (135X10), pull-ups (12ish), loaded carries (315 with a trap bar about 40-50 feet). Gave up on squatting (sinner) - I’m 40 and I hate squatting so I’m not doing it anymore.

Eating pretty darn clean 90% of the time and gave up alcohol and dumb supplements except for Plasma and coffee.


Black and white for the shadow effect to show off my f-abs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your selfie game is strong for being 40. :wink:


Getting leaner while getting stronger. Seems good so far


holy balls. nice deadlifts.

Trying to be involved in the neighborhood, totally missed this thread. Despade checkin in! Better late than never, haha. Got some photos up in my log, but have deleted them off the computer since uploading, will be aiming towards some fat loss here in the next couple weeks when I switch my training up.