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Feb 1 Powerful Image


When I first saw this one, i could only see the top half and I thought it was a pic of a dude looking down at his junk. I laughed out loud when I scrolled down to see it was actually a woman.



But the bottom line is, what you hit it?

'Cause I would...


Oh yeah I'd hit it. Britt is awesome.


2 times



Great body nevertheless.


This IS a pretty good photo of her. T-Nation should get her to post a workout article -- more women should look like this (though in others, she still looks like Tarzan :slightly_smiling:


I never say never, but...oh all right, but only if it hit me first.



Not I.



I wish she'd let me. Hit it. Flip it. Smack it. Rub it down.


I would hit it until I could hit no more. She is amazing.


that's exactly the way I saw it! Nice work.



Not everyone has the same taste. Quite a few people find her manly and unattractive. Personally I find her quite attractive. So if I wasn't married to the woman of my dreams...



I wonder how many of the guys that think this type of build on a female is gross are actually smaller than the chick? Mainly because i can't believe how any male bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast with any amount of muscle could not think she is extremely hot, she is definetly in my top ten. The number one spot belongs to Melissa Detwiller which i am sure alot of guys find revolting as well.


I wonder that too, but guys have said that isn't the reason. I don't know, it still sounds like a good theory.


Huh? Did anyone say Melissa?


Gulp. i didn't, but I will be now. Wow.



Yeah, she could have me. I'd let her.


I just said her name five times while looking at the screen. Was kind of hoping for a Candyman type event, but unfortunately that did not happen. :wink:



The clit is the main thing that would scare me. After that, too much masculinization of the face would be a problem, but when have we, as guys, ever cared about the face that we fuck? hahaha. Hit it from behind and tell her not to talk too much if her voice is deep.


and once in the mornin'