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Feb/03 Muscle&Fitness Mag.

Has anyone seen this issue yet, in it is a reader prize pack and it includes a one years worth of supplements, and who would be the sponser?, Yep BIOTEST, I also noticed full page ads for Myostat, Mag-10 and the best is MR. T-man full paged inviting people to join the T-nation, He appears on the next page to the Animalpak “juiced poster boy”. I must say that the T-man kicks his ass. Good job to Biotest for great looking ads in Weiders world…

im glad biotest is “on the map” now for lack of a better phrase. but dont we criticize those ads in the weider publications all the time? not that ive seen the new biotest ads so i cant speak on the kind of claims they are making. but what happens to the old school t-mag when biotest becomes a well known company. are we going to have to suffer thru the same kind of stuff we find in these other mags?

Well, I guess Biotest is doing well. Ad space in Muscle and Fitness is not cheap

This is going to attract alot of people to the forum that will bring the standard down for the rest of us.

Biotest is in the business of making money. Everyone on earth is in the business of making money (except religous monks).

I think as long as Biotest keeps the quality where it is now and doesn’t “sell-out” (make cheaper products with lower quality for a broader target group)all is good.

I don’t see t-mag.com changing to “MYO-Yoga.com

I would like to see an article about Pilates (by C. Staley or Davis) though…could be good "R & R " exercise.