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Feats of Strength

What are the mosts incredible feats of strength everybody’s heard of? Real feats, not like Tiger Woods benching 365. I’d say Antonio Krastev’s 222.5kg(489.5lb!) snatch tops my list. That number’s from Arthur Dreschler’s book if you don’t believe it. Also, from the Book of Lists, there was an ancient Greek named Bybon who threw a 315lb block of sandstone over his head.

A kid that i went to school with is in the 129 weightclass and he can clean and jerk 295…he can also snatch 235. He one tough little asian son of a gun. he is going out for the olymic team…watch for him. Wok Vohn

The Westside guy (name escapes me for the moment) who recently benched something like 685 lbs at a bodyweight of 198 lbs at a PL competition in March (I think)!!! I don’t care how many 'roids you use, how many ply bench shirt you use or what material its made out of… that is one hell of a feat of strength.

Canadian strongman Doug (I think his first name was Doug) Hepburn apparently had this knack for bending parking meters in half. Pretty strong if you ask me.

Hermann Goerner was reported to have single handed deadlifted over 700lbs and clean and
pressed 330lbs which is impressive but even
more impressive when your told the diameter of
the handle was thicker than the fat end of an
olympic bar.

George Halbert.

I got my fat lazy arse out of bed this morning, does that count??

Do you mean Festivus Day feats of strength? Sorry, I still love Seinfeld reruns.

Thanks… I actually remember his name after I posted the message (well, not actually… I went to the WSB site and reminded myself).

Yeah, I remember one time George Cantstandja out-wrestled his dad! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sped, Are you talking about Q.Van? just wondering, thanks.

Bill Kazmaier, the strongest man who ever lived. He tore off his pec in the bar bend at a World’s Strongest Man competition. Less than an hour later, he broke the world record in the squat. Also, when the world record for the overhead dumbbell press was 150 pounds, he did 156’s for 10 reps just to prove a point!